Football GIF: Luis Suarez Bites Branislav Ivanovic, Liverpool Fans Claim It Was Arm To Mouth

Alan Duffy

21st, April 2013


By Alan Duffy

In a truly WTF moment, pantomime villain Luis Suarez lived up to his bad-boy image and then some by blatantly attempting to bite Branislav Ivanovic on the arm.

The Uruguayan even has form for this kind of madness, doing it once before with Ajax, but surely this latest piece of nasty and bizarre behaviour could spell the end of his time with Liverpool.

Still expect some fervent Suarez supporters will claim it was arm to mouth rather than the other way ’round.

However, as mental as the bite was, and by Jove it was, It does seem rather odd how so many potentially career-threatening challenges are forgotten in an instant while something like this will be analysed for weeks to come

As for Suarez himself. He clearly has rather large anger issues which hopefully, for his sake, he’ll get sorted soon. As he is unquestionably one of the most gifted footballers on earth right now.

Oh, and during the 2-2 draw at Anfield, the Uruguayan also managed to cram into the 90 minutes, giving away a penalty for a handball and scoring a 97th minute equaliser. Drama queen indeed.

(Image via @diesalchicken)

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  1. LOL says:

    Could it be that it was Suarez’s diabolical plan to win a penalty. “Discreetly” bite Ivanovic, let him “push” Suarez to the ground in the box then hope that ref sees the push and gives pen.

    All wildly speculative of course but the gif surely supports it, albeit, with a halfhearted claim at the end.


  2. matty says:

    Hahaha, what a cunt!

  3. flowery says:

    This shouldn’t be the end of his time at Liverpool. Take the punishment and have him take anger management. He’s quality on the pitch and shouldn’t be forsaken for anger. His “crimes” aren’t any worse than others out there playing.

  4. Bear says:


    Tell me mate, what other current premiership players are taking bites out of other players?

  5. Branislav says:

    Can you imagine being bitten by this goofy c*nt, with those teeth!!! Jesus! It would be like a shark getting you!

    Oh wait, it was Ivanovic’s arm that jumped into poor lil Luis’ mouth – the poor guy! What a surprise a redshite is claiming he was the victim – well, it is that time of year (then again, when isn’t it #alwaysthevictim time for LFC?!)

    So long as he’s a good player, no one is really gonna condemn or punish him too hard. We all know the FA will make a few noises, couple of grand fine, maybe a game or two ban, but big players don’t get punished enough to ruin the global product. I can already hear the Brendan Rogers meaningless soundbite about poor Luis.

    (Branislav should have broken his legs and knocked those goofy teeth right out!)

  6. hangoverkid says:


  7. Bruno says:

    He’s a dick sure enough, and the English will cry, get all moral, kick him out, and then sob that the best have gone… like with Mario

  8. Rafa says:


    Jermaine Defoe la’

  9. Max says:

    This isnt’t the first time he bid a player! This has happend before in our dutch league. How could you do this twiece?! He was banned for 8 games.

  10. Jarren says:

    He’ll be sold at the end of the season.

    I really can’t see Liverpool keeping such a liability, no matter how important he is to the squad.

    What’s the chances of Liverpool selling him for 25 million and putting a bid in for Papiss Cissé?

    Sturridge will need an intelligent, swift & nippy (no pun intended) partner next season and Cissé fits that bill.

    Sorry Newcastle, you may get raided again…

  11. OldNumber7Shirt says:

    Footballers of yesteryear must be having a right good laugh at what on-pitch shenanigans pass for a scandal these days. What Suarez did is ridiculous and unacceptable, to be sure, but many of us alive today remember a time when a bite would merit little more than a raised eyebrow and wry smile.

  12. mardybum says:

    Errr maybe jermaine defoe. I seem to remember him biting mascharano and only getting a yellow and no further action by the let’s see if Luis gets off so lightly not being English an that

  13. syndex says:

    Liverpool will not sell him at least not now it makes no sense because his value will be massively deflated and it will come back to bite them (no pun intended). But I am guessing the clubs management will shift him January or next off season.

  14. Mr. Chopper says:

    Mardy, objectively look at the Defoe and Suarez cases. Suarez is on incredibly thin ice with the FA, having fallen foul of them multiple times since joining Liverpool. It’s the difference between somebody stealing something as a first offence and somebody who’s been habitually hauled in front of the courts. Who’s going to get leniency?

    It wouldn’t surprise me if Liverpool get rid of him and lose an ass-crack of money doing it.

  15. mikeyj47 says:

    @Mr. Chopper

    While I agree that a serial offender deserves a greater punishment the fact that the FA deemed the yellow card Defoe got as the end of the punishment would suggest that they didn’t take the offence all that seriously.

  16. Stevok says:

    If Defoe was booked, would it not have been out of the FA’s hands, under the current rules, the increase the ban; See McManaman, Callum

  17. Nuno says:

    And some people still think this guy should win the Player of the year award… He is a great player, no doubt, but that can’t excuse this kind of attitudes!
    I believe he got a 7 match ban when he bit Bakkal (when he was in Ajax), and being a repeated offender of bad behavior in the UK, I believe he may get a few matches to “think about his attitudes”.

  18. Anonymous says:


    That’s a line that the FA wheel out in order not to make a decision but they have, on occasion, intervened when they felt that greater punishment was required even when the referee saw the incident. Ben Thatcher and Mario Balotelli spring to mind. Now Thatcher definitely deserved a ban (Balotelli didn’t) as does Suarez. The point I was making was that the FA had the opportunity to make one of their interventions when Defoe bit Mascherano but decided that the offence wasn’t sufficient enough to deviate from protocol. I’d infer from that that they don’t view it as a serious offence.

  19. mikeyj47 says:


    But the FA can intervene if they deem the offence serious enough even if the officials have seen it (e.g. Ben Thatcher or Balotelli). The fact that the FA chose not to break with protocol for the Defoe incident suggests that the FA do not deem a bite as serious enough to intervene. Surely that will influence how they deal with Suarez?

  20. […] feasting uponst Branislav Ivanovic’s flesh at Anfield yesterday, the PFA have offered to help Luis Suarez curb his […]

  21. TravisKOP says:

    as a liverpool supporter i see things like this and sigh. its a God damned shame Suarez cant keep his shit together and just be the absolutely stunning player that he is. I respect his “do anything to win” attitude but at what cost? jesus just be bloody normal man!

  22. dc says:

    Am I the only one who doesn’t give a flying f@ck about Luis Suarez biting someone during a game? I literally could not care less and I think everyone is being overdramatic…

  23. Rob says:

    Suarez is mentally instable, however, Rooney smashes an elbow into someone’s face and it’s because “he’s a winner”

  24. Nuno says:

    Now imagine Pepe takes a bite out of Messi’s arm. I bet you would give more than a flying f@ck then… (and it’s not all that irrealistic)

  25. Lfc4lyf says:

    Yeah we understand what Suarez did last season was unacceptable but he did his match ban and it was probebly all forgotten about, But now look at him this season ? You all say he should I been banned from football full stop? He’s basically the guy who’ has made Liverpool be this successful this season, so yeah that was wrong but personally I think Liverpool wouldnt be where they are now without Suarez…

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