95,000 Liverpool Fans Sing Electrifying Version ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ In Unison Before Friendly In Melbourne (Video)

Chris Wright

25th, July 2013


By Chris Wright

Wow, just…wow. Here’s around about 95,000 Liverpool fans (and one Celtic fan) bellowing out ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ at the top of their collective lungs ahead of the Reds’ pre-season friendly against Melbourne Victory at the MCG yesterday evening.

It’s a damn shame that this video in no way does the cacophony justice, but it’s the best we could find…

It’s yet to be verified by the club yet, but there are rumblings on Twitter that the official 95,446 attendance for the Victory friendly may be the largest attendance ever registered at a Liverpool game in the club’s history – so that’s pretty impressive.

For the record, Liverpool won 2-0 thanks to goals from Stevie GEEEERRRRAAAAAAAAARD and Iago Aspas – with Luis Suarez looking about as happy as if he’d just watched a pug puppy being kicked in the face after providing the assist for the latter…

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  1. Aus Gunner says:

    Was present at the game. Suarez did not look like a player who wanted to stay. In saying that, personally wouldnt want him at Arsenal either.

  2. princepete says:

    Wonder how many of those fans are scouse or have any relation to liverpool

  3. TravisKOP says:

    there’s a few quite good videos circling youtube as well from the broadcasts and the atmosphere just seemed stunning

    • joey says:

      looks like you know what your talking about you plonker wouldn.t know whatthe f@@k a great team we are 95000 not many teams pull that crowd maybe utd barca Madrid but no body else in premier plonker 5 times champion leagues that’s on top of all our domestic trophys ,ive only one thing to say theres scouses and those who wish they were scouses ye har go the mighty reds

  4. luis_da_racist says:

    I’d bet any amount not ONE of those “fans” even has a clue where liverpool is on the map or has the most basic clue about “soccer”. Typical mid-table, average, has-been club pandering to a bunch of nobodies once a year and calling it a “world wide fanbase”. DELUSION DELUSION.

  5. az says:

    @princepete your an idiot! 3/4 of the crowd probably only watched liverpool for the first time in their life after being life-long supporters of the club, and they made an atmosphere like that!! i think its even more special considering this!
    you dont have to live in liverpool to support the club!

    if it wasnt for these people on the other side of the world supporting and buying merchandise the club would be in league 1! They might even be in league 1 in a couple of years if they lose suarez…

  6. joey says:

    I was there you havn’ t seen any thing like it and im from Liverpool ynwa makes me very proud to be a scouser

  7. luffy says:

    try the link below, if the video above does not work


  8. Vinnie says:

    and yet they still gave the world cup to qatar

  9. TravisKOP says:

    @joey @luis_da_racist: you lot is whats wrong with football. Piss off twats

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