Brendan Rodgers Has Already Broken Liverpool’s List Of ‘Unacceptable’ Slurs

Chris Wright

31st, July 2013


By Chris Wright

Liverpool FC produce a document of unacceptable words/phrases

As you’ve probably seen by now, Liverpool have issued their staff with a blacklist of unacceptable slurs and swears that they are to report immediately if heard in the terraces next season as the club continue to help fight the good fight against discrimination – the only problem being that their manager, their figurehead: one Brendan Rodgers, spent last season freely bandying around one of the outlawed slurs on the list, even getting it published in a headline on the BBC Sport website…


What a terrible example to set. What a knob-jockey.

(Spotted by our buds over at OTP)

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  1. Al says:

    they’re all also on tour in Thailand so I would imagine, knowing how footballers behave, there was a lot of “Oi, Stevie, did you see Suarez heading off with that Lady-boy last night, what a fag although the she-man was a real princess and I don’t usually like half-castes”
    This could ruin all footballers everyday conversations

  2. C says:

    Slow news day, eh Chris?

  3. Lucarno says:

    Man On!!

  4. Zam says:

    Does he get to put his own name in an envelope now?

  5. packy says:

    Wouldnt be Pies without Chris Wright publishing a negative Liverpool story immediately after a positive one.

  6. SL says:

    You think the last story was positive? Its been laughed at in every forum Ive seen it posted.

  7. D Arkie says:

    Ha Ha……what a joke of a team they have become

  8. Roy says:

    Chris – The Brendan Rodgers article you reference was last updated in Sept 2012. How is that relevant now?

  9. Murray says:

    C’mon, Rodgers just expects his players to emulate the Manchester teams that are well above Liverpool. What’s unacceptable about THAT?

  10. Jarren says:

    @Roy: How is it NOT relevant now?

    Did the phrase “Man Up” just become offensive over the past year?

    Not that I personally find that term offensive in the slightest, it’s actually ridiculous to have it on the list alongside genuinely disgusting words.

    The whole point is that Rodgers was quoted using one of the words on Liverpool’s offensive words list.

    The irony. You get it?

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