Daniel Sturridge Dances With Liverpool Fan Outside Anfield After Capital One Cup Victory (Video)

Alan Duffy

28th, August 2013


By Alan Duffy

What a lucky chap young Liverpool fan Jordan Macavoy is.

After Liverpool’s 4-2 League Cup win against Notts County on Tuesday night, Macavoy and his mates spotted Reds’ goal-hero Daniel Sturridge leaving the ground in his swanky sports car.

The young rascal managed to get Sturridge to stop before showing the England hitman his own Sturridge-inspired dance moves. Then, the superstar himself decided to get out of his car and join. As Macavoy’s mate put it: “This shit just got real”.

What a good egg Mr. Sturridge is!

Video: 101gg

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  1. Where’s the wacky dip?

  2. One Man Went to Mow says:


  3. carl says:

    I hear Liverpool fans were singing ‘you’re not singing anymore’ to Notts County. That’s the once mighty Liverpool singing at Notts County from League 1 in the second round of the League Cup. How the mighty have fallen. Still, I bet this definitely is their year. Again.

  4. Straight Dave says:

    Superstar, really? This is Daniel fucking Sturridge you’re talking about, not Messi for fucks sake.

    Also, he must realise that the daft dance he does (I liked the fact that he did it when he scored against the mighty Notts County the other night, very classy) makes him look like a cunt. I cannot fathom that he isn’t aware of how shit it looks, it’s ridiculous.

  5. gamblino says:

    ^^ We found a Notts County fan!

  6. Cosa says:

    That dance is utter fucking shit and he looks like a dickhead when he does it. Good banter by Sturridge though so fair play.

  7. Tom the bees fan says:

    celebrations seem to be dyeing art. so good on Sturridge for doing his even when people always take the piss out of it. yes its a bit stupid but isn’t that the point
    bring back over the top stupid celebrations i say

  8. thekaratesuit says:

    won’t have a bad word said about sturridge the footballer, obviously being a bolton fan like myself. but that dance is pretty fucking annoying. any footballer that does a little smug dance after scoring a goal should be castrated

  9. Jarren says:

    @thekaratesuit: WOW, WAIT…


    It may be a silly dance, but mate come on…

  10. Mr. Chopper says:

    Get onto the Mail about this sort of disgusting behaviour. I’m sure they can lobby for the idea of castration being brought back specifically for the boy Sturridge.

    “Don’t get me wrong, he’s a wonderful person and a humanitarian, but he needs his balls chemically removing for the little smug dance he does after a goal.

    Sexually Repressed of Tunbridge Wells.”

  11. tim says:

    Stupid celebrations are the best ones! its good that he doesn’t mind making a fool of himself.. stop being such a bunch of boring old farts!

  12. fly robin fly says:

    like it , unique dance as the player is unique , and those who don’t r just jealous , not to have this player in their respective team DS 4 ever !!!!!!!!!!

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