5 Conclusions: PSV 0-3 Liverpool


4th, April 2007


Crouch2.JPG1 There are few sights in football as beautiful as a confident Peter Crouch doing his thing. It’s like watching an excitable baby giraffe taking its first steps.
2 Nicely bobbling ball, 25 yards out: John Arne Riise is the man you want!
3 We stuck our necks out after the last round and said that PSV would not win the competition. I think we will stick with that!
4 It is always nice to get a prediction right, but by the end of the match PSV-Liverpool seemed to be a sideshow to Clive Tyldesley’s Tuesday Night Prediction Show.
5 Clubs continue to buy Patrick Kluivert. Why? Why would you do this?!
[Rob Parker]

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  1. Sheps says:

    thought exactly the same thing about number 4!
    For the gerrard goal as well – loved how kuyt ducked out the way so emphatically, obviously a few scouse choice phrases yelled at him from behind!

  2. joe says:

    Must be nice for Kluivert to drift from club to club living on a decade old reputation. Sort of like Roberto Carlos and THAT FREE KICK (only without the quality or trophies).