Liverpool luv Eto’o, and now Eto’o luvs Liverpool


5th, April 2007


eto%27o%20s.jpgSamuel Eto’o has given the first signal that he might be keen on a move to Liverpool. It is only a few days since we were looking at possible targets for Rafa Benitez and his £40 million warchest (© The Red Tops), and now it seems that Barcelona striker Eto’o might not mind Liverpool’s advances at all. It is Steven Gerrard rather than the Reds’ new spending power that is the main attraction though.
Eto’o said: “I like Liverpool’s courage. They have a big red heart. They showed that against us. We did not underestimate them. You have to recognise that in the two games, Liverpool played extremely well. They defend well and are organised. I like Gerrard. He runs a lot. He does everything well. Gerrard is the best English player. No, change that, at the moment he is the best player in England.” [Via FourFourTwo, Rob Parker]

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  1. Brandon says:

    I’ve always thought Eto’o would do brilliantly in the Prem, with all that speed, power and skill. But Liverpool’s lethargic build-up play and long-ball hoofing are not what Eto’o feeds off; he needs a fast-passing and free-flowing offense where he can use his pace to good effect. If he goes anywhere in the EPL, I’d put my money on Arsenal.

  2. Timothy B. says:

    Best player in England but not best English player? That pretty much leaves Beckham and Hargreaves at the moment.

  3. Jorge says:

    What he probably wanted to say was that Gerard was not only the best english player but also the best player in England, that is the second statement would dominate the first. I guess people tend to forget that there are two english players playing abroad.

  4. thom says:

    If he comes to England, it will be to Liverpool or maybe Manchester. Liverpool is the only club this year with such a budget. Arsenal have very little to spend, Chelsea aren’t getting much more from Abramavich (and they’ve already bought Shevchenko!). Manchester are after Torres, and I’m sure they’d like Eto’o if that falls through, but they’ll never outbid Liverpool. By the looks of things if they get a new striker it’ll be a more modestly priced one, like Berbatov, Bent, McCarthey, etc.
    As for Gerrard being the best English player.. well, I’d rate Rooney, Scholes, Lampard, and Joe Cole to a similar standard.