Mario Balotelli’s New £4.75m Cheshire Mansion Looks Pretty Swanky! (Photos)

Chris Wright

3rd, September 2014


By Chris Wright

If Twitter rumours are to believed (which they’re inevitably not), then what we have here is a clutch of photos of Mario Balotelli’s purported new gaff in Helsby, Cheshire.

Word is that Balotelli is due to move into the mansion, named “Steppingstone”, after completing his move to Liverpool.

The property, which has a list price of £4.75million on Prime Location, comes complete with five bedrooms, ten bathrooms, a helipad, an indoor spa pool, a “network of caves that help control the temperature” and, most impressively, a 7-a-side football pitch in the front garden…




As for the interior, it’s what we like to call “Bond villain lair-meets-Cadbury’s Milk Tray” chic

balotelli-house7 balotelli-house6 balotelli-house5 balotelli-house4 balotelli-house8

Very swanky, thought we bet Liverpool are suddenly wishing they had a “no helipads” clause inserted into Balotelli’s contract right about now!

(Via 101GG)