‘Mignolet Is Worse Than Dracula’ – Bruce Grobbelaar Lays Into Liverpool Keeper, Confuses Us All In The Process

Chris Wright

26th, November 2014


By Chris Wright


With all and sundry lining up around the block to bash Liverpool’s scapegoat-du-jour, Simon Mignolet, at the moment, it’s fairly safe to say that ex-Reds ‘keeper Bruce Grobbelaar has taken the award for the most baffling criticism of the slightly unfairly maligned Belgian stopper.

Grobbelaar, who tended goal for Liverpool throughout their glory days, has delivered a scathing verdict on Mignolet’s recent performances – branding the club’s incumbent No.1 as being “worse than Dracula”.

“He doesn’t command his area,” Grobbelaar told BBC Sport.

“I’ve likened Mignolet to worse than Dracula. At least Dracula comes out of his coffin now and then.

“He seems to stay on his line and that’s it.

“That whole area, not just the six-yard area, is the goalkeeper’s.”


Liverpool have conceded 18 goals in 12 Premier League games so far this season, sitting 12th in the table as a near-direct result.

Whereas Grobs definitely has a point about Mignolet’s lack of authority, it’s hardly going to help the Belgian’s confidence if club legends go around declaring he’s worse than an undead fiend who feasts on the blood of the innocent, now is it?

Still, we suppose it’s hard to disagree with a man who dresses like this…

Courts Grobelaar leaves

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  1. tel says:

    Has old wobbly legs butchered the punchline here? A Dracula keeper doesn’t ‘stay in his coffin’ he’s ‘scared of crosses’.

  2. Chris says:

    @tel: Good spot tel. Glad someone had the foggiest clue what he was on about.

  3. bob says:

    You’d have thought Bruce “i dont take bribes, i just accept envelopes stuffed with cash to give my score predictions for games i’m playing in” Grobbelaar could have bought a joke book.

  4. Kingsland101 says:

    I’m pretty sure that photo was taken outside the Winchester Law Courts when he was on trial. Appropriate attire for your court date I’d say.

  5. Jarren says:

    Nice of Grobbelaar to kick a man while he’s down with a shit joke analogy.

    Not that Mignolet should be wrapped in cotton wool, and I’m sure he’s taking all this criticism on board, but that’s harsh coming from an ex who he may have once looked up to.

    Constructive criticism, yeah. Making crap jokes about professional players, nope.

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