Another Mascherano/West Ham rant

mascherano.jpgWatching Javier Mascherano put in a man-of-the-match performance in a Liverpool shirt last night was a treat (I love Maschy, mostly because he’s so bloody good in Pro Evolution Soccer) but also made me very angry with English football.
How the feck could neither Alan Pardew or Alan Curbishley get the best – or anything like his best – out of a player who is clearly world-class? The Alans’ blatant failure to man-manage/encourage Mascherano is a damning indictment of the quality of home-grown managers in England. In no time at all, Rafa Benitez has got the best out of Mascherano, where West Ham persisted with journeymen like Nigel Reo-Coker and Hayden Mullins. Grrr.

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  1. Allen says:

    Was it the manager’s fault? Do we know for certain that Mascherano was at West Ham for any other reason than money?

  2. Beatiful Football Fan says:

    EPL coaches, besides the big 4 (SAF, Arsene, Benitez and Mourinho – top of the table), have rarely been able to get much of South American players. For someone who is so respected and “knowledgeable” as Curbishley to not know who Tevez was and to play him only because the fans wanted him on the field (he said it in one of the many interviews) shows the tunnel vision some of these coaches have. Mascherano and Tevez RULED the Argentine league (Boca & River) and Tevez even won the player of the year award in Brazil when he played for Corinthians.
    I always asked EPL fans, how is it possible for Tevez and Mascherano to play in the world cup for a world class team and not play for West Ham? I believe it could only happen in the EPL.

  3. Beatiful Football Fan says:

    Mascherano was in the same position as Tevez was and still is. Even if he (Tevez) is there for the money, he is clearly showing he is much better than his team mates.
    Stop excusing mediocre coaching; it only hurts the league as a whole.

  4. SteelScouser says:

    One thing I would like to point out:
    Native Tongues
    Alan Pardew – English
    Alan Curbishley – English
    Rafa Benitez – Spanish
    Javier Mascherano – Spanish
    That may or may not have something to do with it. When you can’t effectively communicate with a player, it tends to break down the relationship. Also, hard for Masch to communicate with his teammates at West Ham. With the Spanish Armada at Anfield, probably an easier time.

  5. Beatiful Football Fan says:

    Cesc, Heinze, Veron, Gilberto, Ronaldo, etc etc came from non english speaking countries…so I don’t really see the point you are making. The managers are cr*p. Accept that those teams wont get better with their leadership and move on.

  6. David Keyes says:

    I think it’s a question of style of play. Tevez and Mascherano have been schooled in a style that is not often appreciated by typically “British” managers like Pardew and Curbishley. Alex Ferguson is the only British manager today who has really gotten a side to play attractive, passing football in the Premier League. Allardyce, for example, achieved success with Bolton playing a long ball game that just doesn’t fly in the rest of the world.

  7. slaton says:

    In fact its more than what you list these managers are not only stifling foreign talent but British talent. There are many players who can improve significantly under better Managers, coaches and systems. But they won’t they’ll just stay at their level and end up as purely journeymen footballers. I remember Roy Keane playing for Ireland and he was just a wild man and played like that for Forest all the other players in midfield with him were a bit more polished until he joined ManU and well the rest was history.