THE VOTE Steven ‘Long-ball dinosaur’ Gerrard vs Gennaro ‘Scary as a kitten’ Gattuso

16857-gattuso.jpgAhead of this month’s Champions League final, Milan dynamo Rino Gattuso has taken a pop at Liverpool’s long-ball dinosaurs: ‘All Liverpool try to do is defend together, with everybody behind the ball and just one striker… All they do is play long balls — every ball is a long ball. It is very different to Manchester, who are a real footballing team.’
Hmm, do you think it’s wise to wind up Liverpool like that? Remember what happened when Milan got under the skin of Steven Gerrard and co at half-time in 2005’s pulsating final. Stevie G wrote in his autobiography: ‘Gattuso just plays for the fans — theatrical and emotional. He was also the one Milan player who had a smirk on his face leaving the pitch at half-time. I saw it. F*** you.’

And that’s not all Steve G has to say about Gattuso:
‘I wasn’t worried about Gattuso before the game [the 2005 CL final], during the game, or after.
‘People rate the Italian for some reason. For me, he is all mouth. He looks aggressive, but he is as scary as a kitten.
‘I swear I wouldn’t mind playing against Gattuso every week. He doesn’t hurt you. I have never seen Gattuso play a killer ball.’
Harsh and unfair criticism by Gerrard – and who’s being disrespectful there, if not the England man? Both Gattuso and Gerrard are great players, but completely different types of midfielder – Gerrard roves with attacking intent, Gattuso is simply there to destroy the opposition, mentally and physically. If you were manager, which would you prefer in your starting XI?

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  1. Brian says:

    I love how Gerrard’s quotes are taken out of context. Gattuso was an arrogant bastard that day in Instanbul, starting with the patting of the cup as he took the field. Mascherano is already a better player than him.

  2. Timothy B. says:

    Stevie’s talking out of his arse. If Milan’s defense can shut down Cronaldo, Rooney et al, then they really shouldn’t have a problem with the likes of Kuyt and Bellamy (Crouch might be a tough customer, though.)

  3. Me says:

    I’m really shocked at how much votes the kitty is getting.Everyone who would take Gattuso over Stevie in their starting 11 needs a reality check.I’d take Kaka and Stevie on my mid field ftw….

  4. Anonymous says:

    Gattuso is a world champion unlike stevie g … he gets my vote any day. Perfect player to neutralize any playmaker the opponent has. stevie g thinks he is zidane or sumthin. reality check dude… u aint!!! get 2 stars on your pathetic england shirt then u can think your something

  5. G says:

    “Me” you’re a fuckin moron. Gattuso didnt win that world cup for italy, italy won it for italy. they would have done just as well, if not better, without gattuso. gerrard is stronger into tackles, smarter, gets less unnecessary cards, scores more goals, and leads his team better than gattuso. i guess gattuso is a real man by italian football standards, but gerrard plays like a real man by any standards. im with gerrard – Fuck you, gattuso.

  6. Bisc says:

    Stevie G did fuck all in the CL final, went missing as he often does but no-one watching the game through EPL-tinted glasses would be willing to admit that. Gattuso is consistent, he shows up to make crucial tackles and run for miles every game. Stevie is a jack-of-all-trades-master-of-none, other than pulling out the occasional womping shot from outside the box to maintain his unwarranted fanboy worship. He’s no playmaker, he’s definitely no defensive mid (see first half of Istanbul), tries too hard to be the glory boy and ignores tactical discipline. Rino all the way!