Why Are Liverpool Fans Stuck With Witless Brendan Rodgers For One More Season?

Paul Sorene

3rd, June 2015


Liverpool new players

Liverpool fans will get at least one more season of Brendan Rodgers, a man whose ability to smug it out is unrivalled.

After a meeting with Liverpool chariman Tom Werner and owners’ representative Fenway Sports Group (FSG) President Michael Gordon, Liverpool have agreed on a “comprehensive plan for improvement”. The meeting was “positive and progressive”.

Details are thin.

What will change?

The talk is that James Milner, Danny Ings, Christian Benteke and Nathaniel Clyne could be arriving at Anfield in the near future. The Times says 29-year-old Milner has agreed terms with Liverpool after rejecting a more generous contract offer to remain on Manchester City’s bench. The paper adds that Liverpool are in the hunt for a new goalkeeper.

That would be five new players Rodgers would have to mould into the team in quick time. Given the £110million-worth of new signings bought last summer, the squad is not being short-changed in the club’s quest to move on from last season’s post-Luis Suarez mediocrity, when they were most notably out-thought by Aston Villa and Stoke City and the momentum of that 2013/14 season title-surge was lost.

Rodgers could once rely on Luis Suarez’s brilliance and flashes of inspiration to mask any lack of tactical nous. Last season, the plan seemed to be for Raheem Sterling or Philippe Coutinho to do the same. When they failed Liverpool looked tame, witless and disorganised.

New players bought in by the club’s data and value-driven transfer committee failed to gel. Rodgers remained verbose, talking and talking a good game, continuing to make baffling selections and fussing over details.

One thing Liverpool can move on is to colour-in the grey areas between ownership and management. The club’s structure seems messy.

What is expected of Rodgers? Obviously, Champions’ League qualification and a cup are the targets, but if Rodgers’ Liverpool fails to deliver one or both will be be sacked?

It would be useful to know how Rodgers is being measured and what part FSG consider they’ve played in the club’s slide from the Premier League’s top four. 

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  1. Frank says:

    Still cant believe it dalglish got sacked and won a trophy, rodgers must be good at sucking.

  2. Anonymous says:

    good questions…you’re the journos how bout researching for the answers?

  3. Towson Tom says:

    He deserves another year, how can you sack him for wrong decisions in the player market when he isn’t making them?

    • Red magic says:

      Get the clown out now, our club is becoming an absolute joke. The owners don’t give to shits about this great football club. Im so f..king angry with the way we are being run into the ground by these yanks its unreal. Fsg do the right thing and sell our great club to someone who loves their football. Stick to you’re baseball cause you’s no nothing about football. GET OUT AND TAKE THAT CLOWN YOU THINK IS MANAGER WITH YOU.

  4. Rob says:

    They were top while Suarez hadn’t played a game because of his ban for biting Ivanovic, how do you figure that one out?
    He’s been without Sturridge for pretty much the entire season, and went on an impressive unbeaten run after Christmas of a couple of months, but he’s easy to pick on because everyone else is doing it.

  5. Iain says:

    “what part FSG consider they’ve played in the club’s slide from the Premier League’s top four”

    Eh?… Liverpool was a financial basket case that had finished 7th then 6th when FSG took over. How quickly people forget.

    Rogers has had one bedding in season, one nearly won the premiership from out of the blue season, and one season where critical players have been absent and things when for a crap in the last couple of months. He won the LMA award last year (granted, no guarantee of sustained excellence) and had a decent spell of results this year after Xmas. Despite some bad results the number of goal against and clean sheets has improved, which I imagine would have been an area that they were looking to improve after missing out on the title the previous year largely becasue of defensive lapses. Its not been a great season, but the potential for improvement is still there.

    Liverpools larger problem is the transfer committee. No one person is accountable and it takes too long to move on a selected target. The manager says that he approves everyone that comes in, but then he would have to say that whether he likes it or not. Some of the incoming players have taken a beating from fans for whom “You’ll never walk alone” is just a matchday song it seems, and who seem to have forgotten that the likes of Henderson and Lucas took a little while to bed down into their new environment.

    Last year was so refreshing in that all liverpool fans were behind the team and the manager, willing them on. This year its back to factions and back biting. Get behind the manager and the players!

  6. Foran44 says:

    @ Iain

    I couldn’t agree more.

    @ Pies

    What kind of article is this? I recall an article coming out a few weeks ago going on about how quickly Real Madrid fans forget. Maybe the media’s want for views and promotion have something to do with it. Cause you seem to be doing the exact same here with Liverpool. It was a bad season but for me I have faith that we can turn this around.

    I respect that you have an opinion, but this is just baiting people into getting angry about a season already passed, with vague and badly researched statements.

  7. roy ndudzo says:

    The decision to keep Rodgers was more of a business one than of hope. Letting him go would entail a huge outlay of cash in compensation seeing that he had recently signed an extension to his contract.

    In spite if this unfortunate scenario truth remains – Rodgers is out of his depth at Liverpool. He was rushed too soon in his managerial career to take on a role at a big club like Liverpool. In the footballing world the name Rodgers does nothing to inspire world class players to want to come to Anfield under his tutelage. This fact is made even worse by lack of champions league football.

    A section of our fans seem to think Rogers did well when we finished second last season. The truth of the matter though is that we actually did very poorly. We should have won that league title. Rodgers just ran out of ideas when it mattered the most against Chelsea and his naivety and vaulting ambition against Crystal Palace over leaped itself and we lost the league as a result.

    Rodgers is a good coach for middle of the table team like swansea, west ham or newcastle but not liverpool. The fact that he only managed 5 points from a possible 24 against the eventual top four clubs clearly my point. He just cant compete at that level. Tragically FSG have put business before the reputation of this great club and sadly it us the fans who will pay the price for our emotional investments in Liverpool.

  8. Jarren says:

    I’m seeing Pies turn more & more toward these aggressive articles recently.

    Personally I’m not happy with the change, and it’s reflected in the tone of some of the comments (more swearing, more aggro).

    But I understand if it generates more clicks & page views.

    Just try to keep it balanced, eh Pies?

  9. Bestie says:

    Ha ha…..”the Yanks are running the club to the ground”? You thick scouse, your club was in the toilet (which is where your entire town resides) when they took it over. They gave Rodgers more than 100 big ones to spend aNd he bought the likes of Balloteli, Lambert and Lovren with it!! LOL

  10. Degs says:

    “Why Are Liverpool Fans Stuck With Witless Brendan Rodgers For One More Season?”

    Why Are Who Ate All The Pies Readers Stuck With Witless Articles Like This?

  11. Chris says:

    Can we replace Brendon Rodgers with Paul the journalist in the title of this article?

  12. Sru says:

    These faux-chin-stroking comment articles that Pies seem to have started pushing recently are shite. Stick to dishing out the interesting facts and humour that you’re good at. If I want to read badly researched, badly written opinion I can get it on the Bleacher Report.

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