It’s (Sort Of) Official: Liverpool Are The Worst Team To Win The Champions League, Djimi Traore The Worst Player

Chris Wright

5th, June 2015


By Chris Wright

It’s sort of unofficially official, Liverpool’s 2005 vintage – we’re talking Scott Carson, Milan Baros, Josemi, Antonio Nunez, Igor Biscan – were the worst team to have ever won the Champions League.

Not our words, Carol, the words of MatchPint, who have spent the last few weeks conducting a survey into the history of the Champions League.

Indeed, they quizzed 118 football writers from around the world (yours truly included!), processed the answers and then produced this nifty 8-bit style infographic to display the results.

As per their findings, not only were Liverpool 2005 the worst team to win the Champions League (in the greatest ever final), but Djimi Traore was voted the single worst individual player to have got his hands on the big cup – beating off solid competition from Reds teammate Carson and Jonathan Greening (David May was joint-seventh).

Here are the findings…

UCL Infographic - small file

The full results, including Top 10s for each category, are available to peruse over on the MatchPint site.

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  1. Col says:

    Steve Finnan would be creeping into that ‘Worst Player’ top 10 for me.

  2. Degs says:

    Based on performance (or lack of), then it should be Harry Kewell.

  3. James Taylor says:

    I would nominate Roberto Baggio as the best player never to win. My personal favourite goal in a final has always been Daniele Massaro’s second goal in 1994. Unfortunately it’s hard to find complete footage of it…

  4. spaceship says:

    James Taylor, you can find the entire match on dailymotion

  5. goose says:

    Still have no idea how you be win a “CHAMPIONS” league despite NEVER having won the Premiership let alone get to a final without scoring a goal in a semi-final. (At least their other trophies were deserved and earned).

  6. Stevie_j says:

    I hope Goose isn’t implying that Garcia didn’t actually score? Djimi Traore won the European Cup, drink it in losers!

  7. Neil #2 says:

    I’d say seeing Moanhinho’s face when that Luis Suarez shot went in was worth more than any goal.

  8. jackie wilshere says:

    worst player to win champions league: benni mccarthy, with porto in 2004

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