Jordan Henderson Voted As New FIFA 16 Cover Star Alongside Lionel Messi

Chris Wright

10th, July 2015


By Chris Wright


He was leading the EA Sports fan vote by a country mile last time we checked in and now the polls are closed and it’s official: Jordan Henderson will be starring alongside Lionel Messi on the UK cover of FIFA 16.

This, added to his appointment as Liverpool’s new club captain marks an historic day for mediocre midfielders the world over. A new light shines in the darkness.

Just look at the state of this thing…

Yep, that’s the very mock-up EA Sports are mailing out to all and sundry this afternoon.

If you’ll just excuse Pies for a moment, we’ll just be busy quietly shunning humanity for the rest of time.

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  1. syndex says:

    what ‘pool fans no Sterling ?
    joint first/second best player in the world – no
    joint first/second best player in the Premier – no
    joint first/second best player in merseyside – no
    joint first/second best player in LFC – no
    But at least he has nice hair

  2. Si says:

    The trolling is strong with this one.

  3. Sultan says:

    Thank god he is not in the US cover.. I would have to have it digital if he was in the cover..

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