Liverpool: Danny Ings On His Debt To Bournemouth And Eddie Howe

Paul Sorene

16th, August 2015

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Liverpool striker Danny Ings has been talking with the Sunday Times.

On Learning From Robbie Fowler

He gave me a lot of advice. If I can follow in any of his footsteps I’ll be more than happy. He just said enjoy it. Go away, work hard, keep your head down. He said the fans will love my hard work because he sees I’m a hard-working player. And improve every day — and that’s something I will always do.

On Life At Liverpool

It’s exciting. I like to look at other players and learn from them and there are all kinds of different players here and all kinds of different talents, so it’s only a positive.

Being at Burnley and playing every week felt great but I knew there was going to be a transition period here where I have to be patient, bide my time and work hard to become better, to hopefully get my chance.

I believe in my own ability and my philosophy is that even when I’m not playing the games, I’m still learning every day and becoming better…

On Playing For The Team

It is important I don’t get disappointed when I’m not starting. Liverpool might have close to 60 games, with the Europa League, so I’m hoping the manager will use all his squad.

He needs players he can trust who, if they are not playing week-in, week-out, can go in and step up. That is what I am preparing for.

On Playing At Bournemouth

Eddie Howe had a huge impact at the start of my career. He’s a fantastic man. You could see how much he loved the game. He seems to have something and that’s the reason everyone wants to play for him.

On Being Loaned Out

If it wasn’t for that spell at Dorchester and my time in the lower leagues, I wouldn’t be where I am now. When you do it that way, you appreciate everything a lot more.

It’s the same old story: to get to the Premier League you need to have worked hard and succeeded in the lower echelons.

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