Watch Liverpool’s Offside Goal Rob Bournemouth: Benteke Profits From Referee Blunder

Paul Sorene

17th, August 2015


Coutinho went for the ball in the middle and the flag should have gone up. He missed it, but the ball bounced through to Benteke, who was onside, and he knocked it in from close range

Chrisitan Benteke is delighted to have scored for Liverpool on his Anfield debut, tapping in from three-yards. Jordan Henderson’s cross was a good one, but Philippe Coutinho was in an offside position in front of Benteke and appeared to shift towards the ball. He was clearly offside. But it wasn’t given.

Welcome to the Premier League, Bournemouth.

Bournemouth did stick the ball in the net, but the ref ruled it out for a foul. That decision looks harsh too…

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  1. the end says:

    this is it, after months of sterling and transfer balls posts you come up with this headline. it’s official, pies have became exactly the same as the tabloids they’ve always bashed…

  2. Jarren says:

    Nah, the Bournemouth goal was rightly disallowed. That was a wrestling move!

  3. Erik says:

    That’s right, you should see it from the different angle … extreme foul. On the other side Liverpool’s goal was an offside (Coutinho).

  4. Olly Wood says:

    Bournemouth goal should have stood, we’ve seen those given, and far worse than that given. Liverpools goal ? Benteke was offside under the new ruling as Coutinho made a play for the ball. Only the second weekend into a new season, and no improvement on the officials, yet again it looks as though the RA will decide who the title will be handed to this season

  5. Rob says:

    As a Liverpool fan I thought Bournemouth were extremely unlucky with both decisions. If they’d been given the other way round I’d be very pissed off. I think the ref bottled it for the Bournemouth goal.

  6. Kingsland101 says:

    This was criminal. Bournemouth will come good.

    I hope one day a team tipped for relegation will beat a ‘big club’ with a few decisions like this, although after almost 30 years I still haven’t seen it happen.

  7. Kingsland101 says:

    Unless you count South Korea in their home WC. Surely time to revisit those refereeing ‘decisions’ pies?

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