‘The Worst Liverpool Team In Years’ – Harry Redknapp Blasts Rodgers’ Reds

Alan Duffy

2nd, September 2015


Good old Harry Redknapp certainly isn’t short of an opinion. And on Wednesday at the Telegraph Total Football Live event, he had a right go at the current Liverpool team, describing them as “bang average”, despite a summer spending spree which saw the club spunk £78million on new players.


Here’s some of his musings on the Reds…

I don’t fancy Liverpool at all. I think it’s the worst Liverpool team I have seen in years. They look bang average. They are lucky to have any points.

Bournemouth should have beaten them, they got a wonder goal at Stoke. OK, they played all right first-half at Arsenal. I think they will do well to finish in the top five.

The former West Ham, Portsmouth and Tottenham boss also had a pop at Liverpool boss Brendan Rodgers and his reaction to Christian Benteke’s offside goal against Bournemouth, saying:

He comes on TV and they said, ‘What about the offside goal?’ and he said, ‘I haven’t seen it yet’. Can’t he say, ‘Yeah, it was offside but they even out’. These managers, you know? I’m glad I’m not one!

You can see the video of Redknapp’s rant here.

I think it’s fair to say that Liverpool fans can be a little over-sensitive at times, so expect Redknapp’s remarks to raise more than a few hackles on Merseyside (whatever hackles actually are). What a right cheeky Cockney sparrow is old ‘Arry, eh!

(Video: Telegraph)

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  1. Murray says:

    His face is as red as the graphic immediately behind him.

  2. TravisKOP says:

    He’s kind of not wrong though. This current team is definitely more on the mediocre side

  3. Geoff Price says:

    Harry as a long life Red I do agree with you. As for Rodgers he is just a waste of space, clueless beyond belief. If your backs in better shape Arry, why don’t you come here as we do need someone with a football brain.

  4. Bill says:

    You left out two important parts:

    “Having said that, they will probably win the league this year.”
    “I love Liverpool Football Club, and if you said to me which team would I have loved to manage in this country it would be Liverpool – but I can’t see it this year.”

    Of course Liverpool won’t win the league any time soon and they are bang average, but I think Harry is a bit salty about the situation on Merseyside. Everyone knows Rodgers is a fraud, but so is Mourinho. It’s just taking longer for him to get found out.

  5. Bryan says:

    Bill, Calling Mou a fraud is insanity. His methods may wear on players but he gets results. There’s a reason he doesn’t stay anywhere for very long.

  6. Shullbit says:

    Not a bash just at Liverpool… but as an example… Rodgers, Benitez etc, making huge sums on each transfer. Might explain the bang-average buys that each one made – nice little earner eh?

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