Irritated Liverpool Fan Launches Crowd-Funding Campaign To Raise £7m Required To Sack Brendan Rodgers

Chris Wright

14th, September 2015



In the wake of Liverpool’s insipid performance in their 3-1 defeat against Manchester United at the weekend, one fan (among many others) has decided that when it comes to Brendan Rodgers and his guff, enough is finally enough.

Indeed, irked Reds fan Michael Gavin has set up a fund-raising drive to try and crowd-source the €10million (approximately £7million) he thinks it will require for the club’s owners, Fenway Sports Group, to buy-out the remainder of Rodgers’ contract.

Writing on his Go Fund Me campaign page, Gavin outlined his manifesto thus:

Brendan Rodgers time is up theres not much more of this insipid football anyone can take, from the horrific signings to the tired clichés used in the media week in week out enough is enough.

Its reported that it will take €10,000,000 to sack him so this page has been setup to show FSG that LFC fans are so desperate to get rid off him that we are willing to pay for his sacking.

Please donate whatever money you can and share this page across all your social media pages.

However, at time of writing (some 14 hours after the campaign went live), the coffers have received just one single €5 donation – thus proving that most Liverpool fans aren’t quite so militant about wanting shot of Brendan quite yet.


Either that or their not dumb/willing to chuck their hard-earned money at such a ridiculous “cause”.

Football fans are a curious bunch, aren’t they?

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  1. Truth says:

    It’s because we know FSG won’t get rid of there YES man,yet this idiot has destroyed are credibility in Europe and soon too do the same in Premier League.Rodgers OUT !!!

  2. joke_of_a_club says:

    wow – who knew you could sign over your dole cheque to a website?! perhaps those “loyal” fans of that “club known for it’s class” can sell their ‘Champions 2014’ scarves, flags and t-shirts and raise a few extra quid??… (so much for ‘the greatest manager since Shankley’ not walking alone, eh)

    • doyouthinkhesays says:

      Shut up you stupid octupus. YNWA still sits well with this club, but would you keep BR at your club (Im assuming ManU)

      • notaunitedfan says:

        Haha! Gotta love how deluded the LFC mugs are to think that anyone who dares say anything non-positive about them are United fans, as of course no one other than United fans could possibly have any dislike for such a has-been outfit who still think they’re big time whilst constantly crying about their injustices and sense of entitlements. YNWA… unless you’re the manager, or Gerrard when the fans were calling for him to be ditched, or Sterling because he wanted to step up a level, or Ballotelli because he’s the reason LFC lost games, or the owners who used their own cash to save you from going into administration but “lack ambition”. Joke of a club who are blinkered to the point of blind bias, and are disliked up and down the land for their love of editing their own history – but, er, “MAKE US DREAM, BRENDAN” eh lads. Am sure it will be your year next year…

        • doyouthinkhesays says:

          I actually agree with most of the stuff you are saying and like plenty of other Liverpool fans I know find them to be delusional. Being a fan of any team but especially a big club with a large fanbase there are always fans that act out and this is focused on obviously to accentuate the supposed standards that certain club fans fit in to. Liverpool fans are delusional, Chelsea fans are racist, Spurs fans are all Jews and all United fans are from outside of Manchester. obviously none of these are true.
          However the reason that Liverpool FC are hated (delusional fans doesnt help) is simply because we were the most successful team in the country which creates jealousy, its the same reason people hate United, why people hate Chelsea and will end up hating City as well
          Next year is always our year – you mug

          • Bob says:

            Not that simple. When Arsenal were dominating most people loved them, and more people seem to have always hated Spurs more even though they have no success (I’m not an Arsenal fan by the way).

            I think fans and transfer tactics have a lot to do with it. I’m not denying success is a large factor though.

  3. Amin says:

    Rodgers Do Not Disevers To Coach In England. He Should Be Out

  4. Bob says:

    Nooo, keep him there. It’s comedy gold at the expense of a club everyone loves to hate.

  5. TravisKOP says:

    give the guy a break he nearly won the league less than two years ago

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