‘£77 To Watch James Milner? Are You Mad?’ – Irish Liverpool Fan Delivers Most Articulate Response To Ticket Price Quarrel Yet (Video)

Chris Wright

9th, February 2016



As you’re no doubt aware, the fact that they’re being vastly over-charged to attend matches is just beginning to dawn on English football fans the length and breadth of the country.

Indeed, Liverpool supporters made their feelings abundantly clear by walking out of Anfield en masse during the 77th minute of Saturday’s 2-2 draw with Sunderland in protest of the £77 they’d had to shell out to get in in the first place.

Stopped by The Redmen outside the stadium in the aftermath of the mass exodus, one Irish fan has become something of a figurehead for the revolt after delivering a fantastically frank sermon on the scandalous ticket price issue.

“It’s a working class city, they can’t be charging £77 a ticket,” the nonplussed supporter began, before launching into a passionate and painfully frank assessment of the whole debacle.

Just to warn you up top, the clip contains a fairly liberal dusting of industrial language…

Spot on.

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  1. milners_won_more_than_anyone says:

    Typical “fan” on a day trip I bet. (I’m surprised then didn’t interview some Norwegians as well). What is it with this club and their victim mentality?! If you don’t like the price, don’t go – simple. Why is it these “salt of the earth working class” have money to spend on cigarettes every day, going on the piss every weekend, and a subscription to sky sports at their council houses and yet they can’t find a few extra quid for a FEW games each year?!…. Maybe a little more time spent improving your skillset to get a job that pays a good wage and a little less time spending the dole on worshiping millionaire ball-kickers who couldn’t give a f**k about you, eh?! How about a protest against the players whove probably never heard of LFC but demand £150k a week to finish 6th or 7th every year?!… I thought this “massive club” had a waiting list for tickets (or so the fans like to state as if it’s some badge of honour) in which case there should be no problem replacing the few that walked out after paying their money anyway (not exactly the sharpest tools in the box these morons). You can’t cry about the club not being able to compete with the big clubs in the league on transfers and salaries, and then complain when the club want to generate more revenue in order to do just that. I thought FSG were the “great saviours” of the club when they used their own money to pay off the Hicks Gillett debts thus avoiding administration, and didn’t they appoint “the best manager since Shankley” in Rodgers when they finished second, and aren’t they finally building the much-promised expansion, and didn’t they go and get the new “messiah” in Klopp?!…… Typical fans who like to cherrypick facts to portray themselves as always a victim of something. News flash: you are not special, you are not irreplaceable, you are customers of a global big-money business like it or not. If you think you can have Champs League football every year at Championship prices you’re more deluded than normal. If you want to be an important part of “club community” go support Tranmere – a local closeknit club who values it’s fans and relies on them to stay afloat from one year to the next (of course that would mean all those yesteryear glory hunters are really no different from those modern day City fans they love to chastise). Personally I’d love to see FSG price out the riffraff then assest strip the club for the abuse they get from “the most loyal fans” in the world of football, then leave it to those “important locals” to find away to deliver a league title on £20 tickets.

  2. Bryan says:

    Because no other fans have ever complained about ticket pricing? Settle down.

  3. Simon says:

    Come again?

  4. Jacques says:

    Your comparison of fans with customers in a big money business falls down when you realise that a customer of a business that feels they’re being overcharged can very easily go to said businesses competitor (What you called “supporting Tranmere”). That isn’t an option for these people because they’re loyal to the club. FSG has a monopoly on people’s love. That isn’t the fan’s fault because the truth is they’ve fallen in love with the ideal of what Liverpool was (whether 1st hand or through romanticised stories) and that’s not anything that is about to change. I agree that big funds are needed for big clubs but Liverpool and other clubs have just signed a deal worth a huge amount, they make millions in merchandising, they make huge money off advertising (as Liverpools name is one of the biggest names in football due to their history). So why can’t FSG make an allowance for that and cut the people who had a huge part in “establishing the Liverpool brand” some slack??

  5. Jacques says:

    Your comparison of fans to customers falls down when you see that customers can go to a competitor if they feel over charged but in the case of fans owners essentially hold a monopoly on people’s love. Fans also fell in love with an Idealised Liverpool (through 1st or 2nd person experiences) and FSG have a responsibility to them as they bought the club as a private entity but without consulting the people it would mean most to. (its like they’ve bought an entire nation of people without their input and then dictating terms to them). Liverpool make a lot of money from TV deals and merchandising etc. and they only can do that as Liverpool is a brand in demand which is in a large part due to the history that the fans helped create so cut them a bit of slack.

  6. Dave says:

    Always whinging about something this lot…always the victims. If it wasn’t this it would something else… If you can’t afford to go then don’t, it really is that simple.

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