Liverpool Owners Apologise And Agree To Scrap Controversial £77 Ticket, Announce Highest Price Will Now Be £59 Instead

Chris Wright

10th, February 2016



“Yep, fair enough. I wouldn’t pay £77 to watch this shower either…”

Liverpool owners Fenway Sports Group (FSG) have agreed to scrap the £77 match ticket that sparked a fan revolt over the weekend.

FSG have issued an open letter to the Liverpool fans this evening to apologise and introduce a new, ever-so-slightly cheaper pricing strategy that will see the dearest matchday ticket at Anfield reduced to £59.

Signed off by club owner John Henry, chairman Tom Werner and FSG president Mike Gordon, the long letter reads “Message Received”.

The full thing is available to peruse here but the general gist is that they’re awfully sorry for trying it on and as such most ticket prices for next season will be frozen at 2015/16 levels – the highest priced general admission ticket being £59 and the highest season ticket being £869.

Some of the less expensive tickets will also be frozen or reduced in price. For example, the cheapest adult season ticket will actually be knocked down by £25 to £685 next year.

FSG also announced that games will not be categorised any more, meaning fans will pay the same price whoever Liverpool are playing.

In short, it’ll still be bloody expensive to get into Anfield next season, just not quite as expensive as it might’ve been.

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  1. Maria says:

    ” games will not be categorised any more”

    Nice, just have to see if that means instead of paying £30 to see Liverpool vs Bournmouth and £59 for MU (Just for illustration, I’ve no idea of actual prices in the prem, I know I pay too much at the Kassam though) it’ll be £30 or £59 for all games.

  2. pay_rise_for_every_player says:

    And I’m willing to bet customers -sorry, “fans”- all over Dublin and Oslo (and maybe even Liverpool too) will be dancing for joy at the “victory” of the common man over the mighty corporate FSG; you know because paying £77 to watch Milner run around is an absolute rip off but paying £59 to watch Mignolet drop clangers and Benteke look about as effective as Balotelli for twice the transfer fee is 100% totally reasonable. Ultimately, you don’t get to be a billionaire by being stupid: FSG have allowed their customers -sorry, “fans”- to feel like they’ve won when really FSG aren’t actually losing any money by keeping prices the same for one more season -which is still higher than when they took over (add to that the increased revenue from tv and global merchandising and pre-season tours and possibly european football, and the profit margin still look better than the previous year). Price freeze or not: agents will get richer, players will get richer, owners probably will too; but so long as the average fan thinks they have won a victory by delaying what must surely be an inevitable price hike then I say long may all owners milk their customers for as much as possible for as long as the demand is there, and for as long as people are queueing up to be milked at “reasonable amounts”.

  3. P says:

    Honestly, I understand why the fans were outraged, and that tickets prices for EPL have remained relatively low compared to other sports in other nations, but this just doesn’t seem that exorbitant to me.

    For comparison’s sake, an 18 game season ticket at the LA Galaxy costs anywhere between $475 (£329) and $1235 (£854) to watch Robbie Keane, Gerrard, and Ashley Cole well beyond their primes.

    Also, season tickets for other American sports, with fanbases more in line with those of EPL clubs, cost well into the thousands of dollars, some even reaching 5 digits ($10,000+) in cost.

    The $111 (£77) is normal to below-average of what one could expect to pay for any NFL game.

    Forgive me for being ignorant here, but I’ve always seen EPL tickets as being cheap for what you are getting (90 mins of action over 120ish mins of time) vs American sports (10-60 mins of action over a few hours).

    I understand that FSG is being greedy and going against tradition. I guess I’m just surprised as to how incensed the fans became over the prices. But still, good on them for holding their ground and getting the prices frozen.

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