Football Tat: Liverpool Ruin Club Merchandise Forever With Rubbish New Line Of Klopp Krapp (Photos)

Chris Wright

15th, March 2016



Re-establishing their place on the absolute jagged edge of thoroughly naff club merchandise, Liverpool have once again struck gold with a new collection of Jurgen Klopp-inspired bric-a-brac.

Drawing inspiration from a tiresome Facebook meme that was inexplicably popular for five minutes a month or so ago, Liverpool’s new range of Klopp Krapp urges everybody to ‘be like Jurgen’.

The flagship piece is this t-shirt, which could find its way into your rotation in exchange for just 15 English pounds…


We think that’s what’s commonly known as striking while the iron is stone cold.

How about the same thing in cup form? That’ll be £8 to you, sir…


The water bottle? Another £8…


Or how about a good old fashioned mouse mat? A gosh darn steal at a mere £6…


All this tat is available on pre-order. We suggest you resist temptation and steer well clear.

(Images via Liverpool FC Store)