Water, Desk Fans And Neighbouring Rooms For Henderson And Lallana – Liverpool’s Hotel Demands For Next Season Leaked (Photo)

Chris Wright

22nd, July 2016



Coming as a minor interest to a handful of fans out there, a document containing all of the Liverpool team’s various hotel demands for away games this coming season has been leaked.

As picked up by the Daily Star, the list of “bizarre” requests includes a smoking room for Jurgen Klopp, bottles of mineral water and a desk fan for Philippe Coutinho.

Slightly strange, however, is Jordan Henderson and Adam Lallana’s insistence on having adjacent rooms next to one another at all times…


Image: Daily Star

We’re not entirely sure what we make of that.

Perhaps Hendo just can’t get off to sleep without a trademark Lallana lullaby.

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  1. Pol says:

    Coutinho just wants a fan. Will any fan do? I know lots of fans of Coutinho that would volunteer to hang out in his room.
    I know, I know, i’m not funny, but I felt the need to say this.

  2. Waaaaa says:

    This is supposedley for the hotel for the Huddersfield game that neither Lallana or Henderson were at.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Perhaps no working class noisy chumps should be allowed within 500 metres of a hotel when they are staying there – you cannot have those delicate little flowers being subject to any noise! not only might it be the deciding factor in winning the league title but it might get in the way of the hendo-lalala gloryholing.

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