‘It’s Pointless Taking Up A Spot Just Because I’m Reliable’ – James Milner Mulls Over His England Future

Chris Wright

1st, August 2016



James Milner has revealed that he is seriously considering retiring from international football after finding himself barely involved at Euro 2016.

While demoralised by his experiences (or lack thereof) in France, Milner is also willing to step aside in a selfless act to help clear the way for England’s emerging Under-21 talent.

Speaking to the Guardian, the 30-year-old midfielder griped:

Over the last couple of years with the England team I have not really played too much.

With the good young players we have coming through, it is pointless me taking up a spot just because I am reliable.

He continued:

I’ve been to four tournaments but if a younger guy had come in and maybe done the same job at Euro 2016, he would have taken a lot more from it than I [did].

Asked if he is planning to talk things over with new England boss Sam Allardyce, who managed him at Newcastle in 2007/08, Milner replied:

I am happy it is Sam as I know I can have a good conversation with him and it will be honest. That is all I ever wanted.

It isn’t going to happen, of course – at least not anytime soon.

Milner is exactly the kind of earnest, disciplined, hard-working grunt that Big Sam is going to build the core of his first few squads around.

Ironically enough, it’s probably Milner’s commendable versatility that has slightly neutered his international career (61 caps is no disgrace, after all) as he’s routinely selected as auxiliary cover for three or four positions rather than being viewed as a specialist in one or two.

Here’s hoping he sticks around, if only because he’s a thoroughly decent – and largely underrated – player.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    And yet another 30-year old fat prick refuses to do the decent thing and retire – and why would he when Big Sam is going to stick him up front and squash a team around him until he’s 32/32 because Wayne is “world class” and will “come good” at the NEXT tournament…

  2. Begbie says:

    Aah, come on now, not too harsh on poor old Wayne. What’s the saying again: 7 times is a charm? I am sure he’ll be on fire next tournament. He just was unlucky from 2006 to 2016…

  3. Jose Mourinho says:

    God, if the England team is going to be built around James Milner I think you all should buy blue shirts and start to support Scotland. At least they got Darren Fletcher, a hard-working-decent-underrated-lad who actually won something in his life.

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