Liverpool: Jamie Carragher Silences Dietmar Hamann After Ex-Teammates Squabble Over Loris Karius On Twitter

Chris Wright

12th, December 2016



Fans of minor Twitter scuffles will no doubt enjoy the last word Jamie Carragher managed to crowbar into the lively debate he had with former Liverpool teammate Dietmar Hamann over the somewhat iffy form of Loris Karius.

It all began when Hamann took issue with Gary Neville’s loud and sustained criticism of the Reds goalkeeper, largely for having wrists floppier than his hair… which is very floppy.

One Twitter user then pointed out that Carragher, Neville’s erstwhile Sky Sports cohort, had been equally scathing of Karius in recent weeks, to which the German replied…

At which point Carra waded in…

Thankfully, courtesy of Hamann’s adept grasp of the second-language anecdote (and a little Google rummaging), we now know exactly which incident Carragher is referring to.

Take it away Didi…

Carragher then tweeted to confirm that, following a brief text message exchange with Hamann, the pair are still on speaking terms.

No harm done, except for the complete undermining of Karius’ confidence of course.

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  1. Grammar Nazeh says:

    equally scathing

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hamann is a turnip. I doubt even he knows what he is trying to say most of the time.

  3. Rob says:

    Twitter, what a gift to the world.

  4. Sir Alex says:

    These old footballers, ranting on twitter about 2005. They must have a very busy life. The fact is, the whole Liverpool squad – apart from Coutinho – is just average. So it’s normal that people are criticising Karios. I think they are doing fantastically well to be where they are considering that City, Chelsea, United, Spurs, Leicester and Arsenal have much better players. Liverpool had five world class players in the last 10 years (Alonso, Gerrard, Suarez, Torres -at his best- and maybe Coutinho). Carragher is not one of them, never was, so you can shut up as well.

    • P says:

      The fact is, everyone says that about Liverpool. That the squad is Coutinho and pub players. Is Clyne currently not the best RB in EPL, or at least in with a shout? Firmino? Mane? How much better are Smalling/Rojo/Bailly really than Lovren/Matip/Sakho? Pogba/Fellaini vs. Hendo/Lallana? The stats will show which pair is average this year.

      And unless you are, in fact, the real Sir Alex, you may want to look at your presumably resplendent personal trophy cabinet before telling a legend like Carra to shut up. He’s a decent enough pundit, like your man G Nev, and I’d imagine he’d be a far better manager.

      • Sir Alex says:

        Come on man. Pogba and Bailly are better than the whole Liverpool squad.
        But yes, Smalling, Rojo, Memphis, Schneiderlin, Fellaini, they are all shit footballers, agree on that. But they won’t be in Manchester too long, will they?
        You forgot about Mata, Zlatan, Martial, De Gea, Carrick, Rooney, Rashford, Bastian, Herrera, Shaw… all these players would walk into the Liverpool starting eleven. Even if some of them are not performing or even playing.

        I am not trying to be on my club’s side, United is deservedly behind Liverpool right now and Liverpool were flying 20 days ago but we all know that was just momentum. Nobody takes Liverpool or Arsenal seriously.

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