Gruesome: Image Of Ederson’s Facial Wound Hits Social Media After Man City Keeper Laid Out By Sadio Mane (Photo)

Chris Wright

11th, September 2017


As you may recall, Man City goalkeeper Ederson didn’t make it to half-time of Saturday’s 5-0 drilling of Liverpool after being poleaxed by a rogue high boot from Sadio Mane.

Mane, who received a straight red card from referee Jon Moss, was quick to apologise for the challenge that left Ederson requiring medical attention for the lacerations on his face.

Much was made of Mane’s attempt to play such a high ball and of Ederson’s reaction, with many accusing the prostrate Brazilian of milking the collision by staying down for 10 minutes.

Indeed, despite a conspicuous lack of public demand, Tony Gale appeared on Sky Sports New on Monday morning to give his thoughts on the matter and promptly insinuated that Ederson wasn’t a “proper man” because he didn’t leave the pitch with a smile and a wave – much like Burnley goalkeeper Tom Heaton, who dislocated his shoulder against Crystal Palace the following day.

Them soft foreign boys and their weedy pain thresholds, eh?

Well, images of Ederson’s freshly-stitched wounds have now surfaced on social media and you’d hope that they may be grisly enough to change the minds of Gale and his sceptical ilk.

Consider this your warning: The following photo ain’t particularly pretty…

Ouch. That’s quite a gouge and no mistakin’.

Smiley face tattoo aside, we’d say Ederson probably earned the right to stay grounded for a little while after finding himself on the receiving end of that.

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  1. Real Man says:

    Well, you can’t expect proper men to play for the Abu Dhabi family.
    He just wants his paycheck, just like any other City player.

  2. Ron says:

    Named Mane and he has a receding hairline? Huh.

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