Ex-Liverpool Defender Martin Skrtel Left Unconscious After Being Struck In Face By Ball During Slovakia’s Clash With Thailand (Photos & Video)

Alan Duffy

26th, March 2018


Martin Skrtel suffered a serious scare during Slovakia’s King’s Cup clash with Thailand at the weekend.

The former Liverpool centre-half was knocked out in the 27th minute after he got a smack of the ball full in the face.

Skrtel immediately collapsed and lost consciousness.

However, the quick intervention of his team-mates and then the Rajamangala Stadium medical staff averted any tragedy, with Ondrej Duda ensuring the Fenerbahçe defender didn’t swallow his tongue.

Thankfully, after an extended break in play, Skrtel went on to play for another 45 minutes of the game, which Slovakia won 3-2.

Reports suggest that a post-game examination found that the big man was okay, which is great news!

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  1. Dean says:

    How does the medical staff let him continue playing for 45 minutes after that? I guess the news of traumatic brain injuries hasn’t reached Slovakia yet… all for a friendly too.

  2. Martin Skrtel says:

    It’s physically impossible for humans to swallow their tongue. But anyone who can’t handle the pointless ramming of three fingers down his throat shouldn’t be on a football pitch.

  3. Rob says:

    Dean, I absolutely agree, but the morons in charge of football are too busy inventing laws like giving yellow cards for taking your shirt off

  4. Steve says:

    “with Ondrej Duda ensuring the Fenerbahçe defender didn’t swallow his tongue”

    It’s language like this that will encourage the next guy to ram his fingers into a mouth. It’s ridiculous.

  5. Steve says:

    Sorry, should’ve watched the video first…that idiot who yanked around his head and neck first and THEN stuck his fingers into his mouth. Seriously, what is he thinking there? In three seconds he is able to do the worst possible actions he could manage. Until the medical staff literally swats him away.

  6. Fnarf says:

    You can’t swallow your tongue, and sticking your hand or anything else in the mouth of someone having a seizure can do harm instead. The correct procedure is to roll them onto their side. If he is merely unconscious, not in seizure, it’s probably a good idea, too, in case he pukes and chokes on it. I wish people, especially football people for some reason, would stop promoting this widely debunked idea.

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