‘I Don’t Feel Anything Right Now’ – Loris Karius Offers Despondent Apology To Liverpool Fans After Calamitous Champions League Final Errors

Chris Wright

27th, May 2018


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If you happen to possess even the vaguest shred of human empathy, you’ll no doubt be feeling for Loris Karius today.

The German goalkeeper dropped a couple of industrial-grade clangers as Liverpool succumbed to Real Madrid in the Champions League final on Saturday night, ending the evening alone, disconsolate and in floods of tears at the far end of the Olimpiyskiy Stadium as most of his teammates and colleagues gave him a notable (and thoroughly disappointing) wide berth.

Speaking to the press immediately after the match, Karius did his best to articulate his emotions, offering a heart-wrenching apology to the travelling fans and to the club as a whole:

I don’t feel anything right now. Today I lost my team the game. I feel sorry for everyone. I’m sorry for everyone, for the team, for the whole club.

The mistakes cost us dearly. If I could go back in time I would.

I just feel sorry for my team. I know I let them down today.

It is very hard right now, but that is the life of a goalkeeper. You have got to get your head up again.

For now, I’m just really sorry for everyone that those goals cost us the title basically.

The poor guy. He made just as many errors as any other Liverpool player on that pitch but unfortunately his were calamitous and decisive.

Pies understand that the rest of the team were all entitled to a moment of private grief after the match, but surely Jurgen Klopp – or at least his captain, Jordan Henderson – should have been straight over to Karius, who was obviously and visibly in tatters, as soon as the whistle went. Bit of a blot, that.

Hopefully, the sympathy and support was a little more forthcoming once everybody was corralled back into the dressing room.

We can only imagine how grim Karius is feeling today. Our heart truly goes out to the guy.

It looks like it’s going to take a monumental effort for him to get back on an even keel, which is a shame as every aspect of his game has improved leaps and bounds this season just gone.

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  1. Gil says:

    Couldn’t agree more, it’s a shame that Real Madrid players were the first to try to offer consolation.

    People should remember the likes of Robert Enke and the mental duress keepers work under. Be kind.

  2. Iain says:

    You got that right, a couple of absolute clangers, but he also made some great reaction saves 1st half to keep things level, and I doubt the second error would have happened had the freakish 1st not gone in.

    He is much improved this year and it was extremely disappointing to see him left hanging by his team mates and manager at the end no matter how disappointed they were. Takes mental strength to be a keeper, I hope this doesnt turn out to be terminal for his career.

  3. Ynwa says:

    As a Liverpool supporter, I certainly feel for the lad. With that said, I think it’s a little difficult to blame the Liverpool players for feeling a bit disgusted in the immediate aftermath. Also, the rest of the team was very good and I’m not sure what you mean by “he made just as many errors as any other Liverpool player on that pitch”. He made 2 massive elementary school level errors more than anyone on that pitch for either side. Anyway, I wish him the best but also hope to never see him line out for Liverpool again.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Hahaha he’s rubbish Madrid’s main man with 2 assists

  5. John says:

    He had a shocker but he showed more class and dignity then any of his teammates or his manager after the game

  6. Derek says:

    I feel bad for him but unfortunately that’s his legacy. Liverpool now have to spend some big dollars to buy a proper goalie – something they should have done a long time ago. Karius will soon be but a painful memory – like Robert Green in the 2010 World Cup.

  7. SL says:

    You”ll never walk alone? Bo**ocks. Not one Liverpool player went over to him at the end, to top it off their fans issued death threats against him and were wishing his son get cancer.
    I hope he moves to a proper club.

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