‘I’m Only Missing Firmino Saying He Caught A Cold Because A Drop Of My Sweat Landed On Him’ – Sergio Ramos Dismisses Liverpool Champions League Final Injury Charges

Alan Duffy

5th, June 2018


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Usually one for going in two-footed on the field of play, Sergio Ramos has hit back in some style at those blaming him for Mohamed Salah’s Champions League final injury, as well as dismissing medical reports of Loris Karius’ concussion suffered in the the same game.

Salah left the pitch in tears after he was involved in a collision with the Real Madrid defender, with the Egyptian undergoing surgery for the shoulder injury.

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However, in an interview with Spanish outlet AS, Ramos, who was roundly blamed by Liverpool fans for deliberately injuring their star-man Salah, claimed that the Egyptian could have continued in the second-half if he had got an ‘injection’.

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The 32-year-old Spaniard also seemed to dismiss the news that Karius, who made two howlers in Madrid’s 3-1 victory, could have had his performance affected by a concussion, caused by a clash with none other than Ramos again.

Ramos said:

Bloody hell, they have given this Salah thing a lot of attention. I didn’t want to speak because everything is magnified.

I see the play well, he grabs my arm first and I fell to the other side, the injury happened to the other arm and they said that I gave him a judo hold. After that the goalkeeper said I dazed him with a clash.

I spoke with Salah through messages, he was quite good. He could have played if he got an injection for the second half, I have done it sometimes but when Ramos does something like this, it sticks a little bit more.

I am only missing Roberto Firmino saying he got a cold because a drop of my sweat landed on him.

That’s all going to go down very well on Merseyside. And in Egypt for that matter!

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  1. Tom says:

    He’s right though.

    Liverpool fans are amazing, such general knowledge. A couple of years ago they were all experts on the regional dialects and colloquial terms of endearment of Uruguay. Now they’re all martial arts/wrestling experts, and they can recognise Sergio Ramos’ super duper, double, twisted supplex.

  2. Archer says:

    One thing beyond any doubt, is that Ramos is a Grade A Cnut; made to look half-decent by the superstar players that are around him.

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