Official: Mohamed Salah Signs New Five-Year Contract At Liverpool (Just Like Luis Suarez And Philippe Coutinho Did)

Chris Wright

2nd, July 2018


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With his involvement at the World Cup over and domestic matters returning to the forefront, Mohamed Salah has signed a new five-year contract with Liverpool.

The terms of the deal, we’re reliably informed, do not contain a release clause of any kind.

Speaking to the official Liverpool website, Jurgen Klopp beamed:

It demonstrates two things very clearly also – his belief in Liverpool and our belief in him.

We want world-class talent to see they have a home at Anfield where they can fulfil all their professional dreams and ambitions – we are working hard together to achieve this.

When someone like Mo Salah commits and says this place is my home now, it speaks very loudly I think.

Without wishing to be overly cynical, it’s perhaps worth remembering that Luis Suarez and Philippe Coutinho also both signed new long-term contracts the year before they respectively left Liverpool for Barcelona.

It’s become a quick and mutually beneficial way of A) keeping your top talent financially satisfied, while also B) inflating or at least preserving their market value for the foreseeable future.

Of course, there’s every chance Salah might defy our scepticism and remain at Anfield until 2023.

There’s also a chance that he’ll be a Real Madrid player by February, especially if he starts 2018/19 in the same form he spent 2017/18.

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  1. Peter Conifer Willems von Rastrautten-Fähler Weppen Moller-Kinder der Akinserayi D'Ath says:

    My friend at the Luxemburger Wort (Luxembourg premier news outlet) tells me that a swap deal is imminent for Salah and Suarez so that Suarez can go back to Liverpool. Mind you, this man also said that Darius Vassell was joining Fola Esch a few years bag! Read into it as you will!!!

  2. JP says:

    Salah made promises to Fiorentina once upon a time. Wound up playing for Roma though, after taking his phone off the hook and hiding.

    Wouldn’t trust him as far as I can throw him.

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