‘You Might Want To Answer Your Phone!’ – Jordan Henderson Casually Informs Liverpool Cameraman That His Partner Has Gone Into Labour (Video)

Chris Wright

14th, September 2018

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Often criticised for his passing range, there was nothing wrong with Jordan Henderson’s delivery when the Liverpool captain happened across an important message on a mobile phone belonging to an LTV cameraman.

Henderson was part-way through shooting an LFCTV video segment with teammate Trent Alexander-Arnold when the text arrived on said device.

“Who’s phone is this? Is your missus pregnant?” the Reds midfielder queried. “I think you might want to get that! I think you need to go…”

“Nah, she’ll be alright for another 20 minutes,” came the entirely unperturbed reply.

Love how Henderson raises his hand like a well-behaved schoolboy, waiting until he’s allowed to speak.

If you’re interested, the video shoot in question was for the following “Bezzies with Hendo & Trent” segment in which the two players put their friendship to the test by answering questions about Alicia Keys and various other things…

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