You the manager! Select Liverpool’s first-choice strike partnership


18th, July 2007


Put yourself in the shoes of Liverpool boss Rafa Benitez (just don’t complain if you’re not the same shoe size). You’re desperate to break the Chelsea/Man Utd Premiership axis of evil, so you’ve spent big in the summer. You’ve got rid of Luis Garcia and Craig Bellamy and now have the following forwards to choose from for the new season:
Fernando Torres, Andriy Voronin, Peter Crouch, Dirk Kuyt, Ryan Babel
A pretty damn strong set of forwards, I’m sure you’ll agree. But who’s your first choice partnership? Torres hasn’t come to sit on the bench, Voronin looked pretty tasty in scoring two goals against Werder Bremen in a recent friendly (watch the highlights after the click), and Kuyt is a fans’ favourite. Crouch usually impresses when he plays and Babel is one of the hottest young talents in Europe. The question is, who would you start with (assuming Benitez chooses to start with two strikers, of course – he may want to start with one striker in the centre, with a couple of wide players on the left and right)?

Liverpool 3-2 Werder Bremen:

Liverpool 3-2 Werder Bremen – All the goals and highlights
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  1. jim says:

    cos they are all shite!

  2. Ollie, Pies Ed. says:

    Ah, constructive criticism from Jim!

  3. Col says:

    Voronin didn’t impress me when he played Rovers last season, the other forward impressed me more.
    He’s going to rotate a hell of a lot in my opinion with Torres being a set feature

  4. Liam O'Kelly says:

    Babel will be wasted by Rafa on the wing so even though he and Torres would be the best partnership it isn’t going to be the case and Liverpool will end up with nothing as usual

  5. Ollie, Pies Ed. says:

    Agreed Liam – pretty sure Rafa will want to use Babel out wide, not through the middle. Could be a mistake, we’ll see…

  6. Joe says:

    Babel-Torres-Kuyt/Pennant when playing less-than-great defences (Newcastle, Derby, Wigan, Arsenal) where quick, fluent passing movement is possible, Torres-Crouch when playing the long ball v teams like Chelsea with a proper back 4, with Kewell/Riise on the left and Stevie on the right to provide crosses for the big man. Voronin as understudy for Torres, that’s all I can make of him.

  7. dp says:

    I think he’d best be advised playing Torres up front with Kuyt on the left and Babel on the right behind him, but not necessarily out as wide as he probably will have them. More like playing them both in the hole next to each other. Given the rotation system he employs, everyone will probably get a chance and it’ll sort itself out. I hope.

  8. gaoteborg says:

    Surprise re-signing of Fowler and return of Owen for 42 million pounds renders rest of strike force redundant. Crouch becomes incredible goal-scoring centre back with Matin Johnson partnering him.