Photos: Liverpool Fans Burn US Flag In Protest Over Hicks & Gillett Regime

Ollie Irish

4th, June 2010


By Ollie Irish


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Good morning you beautiful people. First up, a few pics of angry Liverpool fans at Anfield, burning the US flag in protest over the co-ownership of Tom ‘Boss Hogg’ Hicks and George ‘Deputy Enos Strate’ Gillett.

The protest doubled as a thank-you to Rafa Benitez, whose popularity hardly waned at Liverpool despite him signing hundreds of rubbish players and generally leaving the place in a right old mess.

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  1. Chris says:

    Flag burning? Really?

  2. Brendan says:

    Shameful. What a bunch of ignorant pricks. Without that flag LFC would be playing in the Bundesliga.

  3. spectator says:

    shoe throwing is clearly a far more hilarious form of protest.

    boot throwing? or does that have unfortunate fergie undertones?

  4. Ryan Kam says:

    As an American LFC supporter, I cannot say that I’m surprised that some fringe supporters took it this far, but I cannot say I’m not offended in the slightest. I’m not super patriotic or anything, it’s just kinda a kick in the head to see the flag you pledge to get burned.

  5. Alex says:

    absolutely pointless

    see also any anti-glazer demonstrations. they could not give a northern monkeys.

  6. sirreg says:

    Flag burning? Absolutely pathetic. Get a grip.

  7. me @alex says:

    @alex “absolutely pointless

    see also any anti-glazer demonstrations. they could not give a northern monkeys.”

    if it’s on here and all over the media then it’s not pointless. if it gets media attention then it’s worth it. silly.

  8. yank... says:

    fuck liverpook fc fuck the history and fuck the club fuck the support they can suck my american manc supporting dick. i dont care if they burn a flag at my beloved yankee stadium im headed to the bronx to distribute some black eyes. its simple you burn my flag you are my enemy. no excuses.

  9. Quincy says:

    Burn the Cowboy head instead, those things are an insult to fasion. Yuk

  10. Dave says:

    A bit tacky burning flags i think.

  11. Andre says:

    I’m an American. If I were a Liverpool supporter, this would make me change teams. Oh well, joke’s on them.

  12. Joel says:

    Brenden, were do I start with you other than you clearly have not got a clue what you are talking about if you think America saved britain or anyone elses ass in the great war or second world war.

  13. Brendan says:

    You could start with me by using the occasional punctuation mark so I don’t get a headache reading your comment. As far as the history lesson goes, you’re right; I have no idea what I’m talking about. Your well-thought-out argument has really made me re-evaluate my stance and do a complete 180.

  14. craig says:

    we wouldnt be burnin ur shitty flag if u never spawned the pieces of shit , believe me , if they r not gone soon they will be physically hurt , and you wonder why the WORLD hates usa ? y n w a rafa , FUCK THE YANKS , TOM N GEORGE TELL LIES , DEBTS , LIES , COWBOYS ! WE ARE LIVERPOOL FC , FUCK WITH US N U WILL BE SORRY U FUCKIN GOBSHITES.

  15. Mike Joneze says:

    Craig go back to $10 blow jobs in the park. YOu ain’t hurting shit but your own asshole when you take it up the backside after a night at the gay bars. Don’t come on the internet like you’re hard you fucking tool. You’re just one of a million internet shit talking pussies. Feel free to come to the United States. Better yet come to L.A. and burn an American Flag. I got some choice places like Inglewood that you could go where all that nerd internet talkin would cease as they go to work on you with, some battery acid, a ball peen hammer and set of garden shears. Snip snip.

  16. kaya says:

    Guess I’ve been a little calloused from years of intermittent US flag burning demonstrations. When I saw this a couple of weeks ago, I didn’t bother clicking since I supposed I understood the situation in full already. Then yesterday I saw something on fox soccer about why I should be pissed. Whatever… they sound like a bunch of dumb pricks hardly worth thinking about.
    Tell you what, I’ll trade you say, ownership of the LA Lakers, or NY Yankees, or whatever special flagship american sports franchise… you guys take a massive fecking oil spill. Those poor shrimpers on the bayou are a whole lot smarter than these Liverpool fans… what purpose does burning a stupid flag serve?

  17. Kelsy says:

    This just makes me sad. Not angry or pissed off, just sad.

    I’m not afraid to say I’m an American, who happens to love soccer, and I am 100% for freedom of speech.

    I’d like to point out that in the US it is perfectly legal to burn the flag (it’s a right protected by the First Amendment according to the Supreme Court decision for the case Texas v. Johnson).

    But this is just poor timing. The World Cup is about to commence, and I always believed that the World Cup was the time when we set aside our political differences and historical disputes and just played the game for the love of it. Sure there’s rivalries and what not, but it’s for the love of the sport.

    I guess these Liverpool fans want to drag hate into everything, just because 2 (out of 300 million) Americans pissed them off.

    It just makes me really sad.

  18. Suzanna USA says:

    I’m an American first, a Liverpool fan last, and I’m highly pissed-off at those greedy cowboys. Hand me a damn match!

  19. Stilgar says:

    Way to go, guys! Burn this piss-stained piece of toilet paper!!!
    Inbred yankees, STFU and return to pumpin’ your sisters in front of your trailer

  20. red sox says:

    as an american and a red sox fan i will be e mailing these pics to our teams owners and encouraging americans everywhere to boycott and have nothing to do with this disgusting and vile club whose fans are vermin

  21. Liverpool fan says:

    Red Sox, I want to say aorry for the mindless morons who burnt your flag, I assure you they are a small minority, they are angry at what Hicks and Gillett did to us and should have burnt a picture of them not your flag. I for one am really impressed with John W Henry and co. and hope if they do get us, do the same for us as they did for you. We would not to see the Union Jack burnt by you, so I understand your anger……..On a personal note I have been on vaction to USA a number of times and loved it, and found the American people very friendly.

  22. Pancho Villa says:

    Hicks and Gillett are corporate scum first and Americans second as far as I am concerned.

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