Shit Lookalike: Xabi Alonso and Marky Mark Wahlberg

Ollie Irish

27th, September 2007


Pies regular Jess Malone has submitted the latest in our series of Shit Lookalikes. Do you think Marky Mark Wahlberg could adapt to life in Liverpool’s midfield as easily as he made the transition from fresh-faced popster to haggard Oscar winner?

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    Marky Mark, adapting to Liverpool’s midfield? Not if his life depended on it! A shit-faced, big-headed, talentless twat who, by the way, looks nothing like Xabi Alonso, described by a famous premier league player (I’m not naming names but he wears a blue shirt) as “sexy bastard”. That’s why he tackles him every chance he gets, I suppose.

  2. Kate says:

    I don’t know if you guys have realized that strikers Claudio Pizarro and Zlatan Ibramovich could be another lookalike for the collection:

  3. gema says:

    yeah..yeah..what a very shite!!!that XABI is hundred times more gorgeous than marky stupid wahlberg..(sorry bout it..) but hell yeh..he look more like LAMPFRAT..which is XABI’s enemy on the pitch..(cus..that jerk always takled xabi badly..hate him so much!!!!what a shite playa he is..)
    so..i’m tottaly dissagre with this poll..stupid thing…