Liverpool Video: Daniel Agger Criticises Roy Hodgson’s ‘Style’

Ollie Irish

21st, September 2010


By Ollie Irish

Emotions obviously run high after a big match such as Man Utd v Liverpool, especially when you lose, but Agger seems calm enough and this appears to be the first obvious sign of a rift between Liverpool’s new manager and the Dane, who I think is a far superior footballer to Martin Skrtel and should be playing more in his natural position of centre-back, or at least as the sweeper in a three-man central defence.

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  1. PhilandoTorres says:

    I think there will be a few more long balls than all of us would like for now. Until Roy finds his best eleven it’ll be results over performance.

    You’ve got to win every game at Liverpool, regardless of form or league position, which is why it’s such an insanely pressurised job.

    So I reckon in a few months time we’ll start to get the ball down and play. Roy didn’t rotate his league XI that much at Fulham and they turned into solid unit who actually played some decent football.

    But why listen to reason? Jamie ‘Literally’ Redknapp contradicting his reactionary statements in the same sentence is far more endearing.

  2. Patrick says:

    I reckon roy prefers the no-nonsense type of defence play, ie. clear the ball as far away as you can to avoid any form of attack, the dane is saying the truth and it is evident in what he is willing to risk (his first 11 starter place) Long balls from anywhere in the field need alot of direction and intent(to which player they fall on not just hoofing the ball away from sight, I prefer Konchesky though, and so does Woy (formerly Fulham)

  3. gaptooth says:

    its interesting
    because if agger could head the ball and was slightly more robust – he would be as good a centre half as any – many of our goals conceded last year came from his poor heading , and i there have been countless occasions where he has missed good chances at the other end

    what you will get with him is fancy slick passing and control on the ball. what skrtel and carra give u is robust no nonsense hoofers , personally i think the Chelsea , Man U and Arsenal of Adams and Keown or adams and campbell all have similar defenses to the ones Liverpool has now – with robust no nonsense players – so how bad can this be?

  4. Fireball says:

    This is a false alarm. Agger has already said that he was misunderstood, and that he appreciates Woys tactics. Who demands ‘slick’ passing from their centre back anyway? Besides, ag. ManU I thought the ball was down (enough) where it needed to be, in the attacking third.

  5. tom says:

    I’m a Fulham fan and I know Roy doesn’t play long ball. His teams are extremely predictable but once they’ve gelled they become very hard to beat. 2 years ago Fulham came seventh. 1 year ago Liverpool came seventh and during this season fulham did better than liverpool in europe. Roy’s time at Fulham saw him turn a profit in the transfer market. All of these factors combined with the time taken at Fulham for Roy to establish the sort of football he wanted played (just under half a season) point to him having a very good chance at at least keeping liverpool at the level they now are until new owners come in. This is clearly what ‘the board’ (boo) set as an objective when deciding the new manager and liverpool fans need to realise that until money comes flooding in, which I’m sure it will someday soon, all the club can aim to do is to consolidate/maintain their current standing in england as part of the elite set of football clubs. Anyway I rate Agger for his attacking abilities but he is suspect at the back. Roy obviously thinks so too so he doesn’t get played and ends up lashing out, its a classic reaction to realising you aren’t wanted anymore. Come On You Whites!

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