Koptalk Website Encourges Liverpool Fans To Scare The Sh*t Out Of Hicks And Gillett

Ollie Irish

27th, September 2010


By Ollie Irish

Duncan Oldham, the editor of Liverpool fansite KopTalk, has attracted a lot of attention for posting an article which encourages Liverpool fans to “put the frightners [sic]” on unloved owners Tom Hicks and George Gillett.

The ill-judged piece, titled ‘Get the baseball bats and ski-masks ready!’, implores Liverpool fans to exact vigilante justice on the American duo:

“If George Gillett and/or Tom Hicks remain in control of Liverpool Football Club come the end of the season, I will be calling for such action to take place.

“I will be urging every passionate Red out there who has a ‘set’ and who is capable of donning a ski-mask and waving a baseball bat in a menacing manner, to step up to put the frightners [sic] on these two and everyone they associate with – including any companies that support them.

“I am sick to the back teeth of hearing about petitions and email campaigns. While the efforts must be applauded and acknowledged, the only action that I believe will work is militant.

“Disruption, especially to financial institutions, is what they are scared of. And on a personal level, there’s nobody in the world who’s arse wouldn’t collapse if someone peered over their bed in the middle of the night armed with a Texas Rangers baseball bat or two.”

It reads like the sort of rant he wrote late at night, whilst encouraged by a jar or three. I can’t condone such aggressive militancy and neither should any self-respecting fan.

Oldham’s piece concludes:

“They [Hicks and Gillett] are playing with the lives of so many people and it hurts me to see so many of my fellow Reds and fans so upset and destroyed. It has to stop and it will stop. I can’t sit back any more.

“I won’t sign petitions, I won’t send emails to journalists who don’t care, but I will get stuck in via other methods best not written about.”

This isn’t journalism, it’s dangerous and irresponsible rabble-rousing. There’s no place for it in football, and I say that as someone who fully sympathises with the intense frustration of Liverpool fans.

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  1. Max says:

    The guy who does that web site isn’t a Liverpool supporter. There’s even a hate site against him – http://koptalkinsider.wordpress.com/

  2. Danske says:

    This is truly sick.

    Any and all LFC supporters should denounce this crackpot immediately. Resorting to blatant thuggery and physical intimidation is worse than what the owners have done to the club…far worse. H+G are lying crooks, but so are half the worlds financiers and businessmen – no exaggeration.

    Be angry at the situation, sure, but don’t let it rule you. People who stoop to this level have no life, and hence feel the need to raise little armies in order to feel powerful and important (ie Duncan Oldham). Anyone calling for violence should literally be arrested and disallowed from ever setting foot at Anfield again.

  3. John Brennan says:

    Please do not report this. Koptalk is a scam website. I implore you to take this link off Newsnow as every hit ge gets on his site prolongs his menace, lies and cheating of LFC fans…

    See the below link…


  4. Simon Worden says:

    Ollie? You said “. I can’t condone such aggressive militancy and neither should any self-respecting fan.”

    CAN’T you now? Well I CAN and DO – You know WHY? Because NOTHING short of THIS will remove that limpet like DISEASE Tom Hicks and it’s a known fact that he now HATES the club he owns!!! IF He gets the money he wants? He’ll DESTROY us – That CAN’T be allowed and if he MUST be removed by AMN? (Any Means Necessary)? Then so be it. It’s not as if they NEED attacking anyway – A scare will be enough and I’ll tell you one other thing yes?

    With Hicks son being attacked in a Liverpool pub as long ago as 2008, Hicks HIMSELF being forced in his car to turn back from Last December’s Arsenal Game AND being besieged in the Director’s Box in January THIS year? An attack on him IS imminent – Duncan Idiot Oldham or NO Duncan Foolish Oldham as rabble rouser or NOT. This WILL happen – Hicks son pointed out a Liverpool fan attempting to hand a “Not Welcome Here” poster to him and his disease of a father in New York last week to the police. This occurred at the same time as the much publicised “photograph” incident last week when the Lady (Erin?) had a LFC supporting husband who took a photo a few moments earlier of the two pieces of work. When the OWNERS of Liverpool FC are doing THAT to the FANS of the club?

    After This? One thing is more certain than ANYTHING else and THAT is? A confrontation WILL happen – The police might have saved Hicks then but they won’t ALWAYS be there – Someone WILL get through and WHEN they do? – not IF – I wouldn’t want to be in Tom Hicks shoes as the FACT this WILL happen now has NOTHING to do with the likes of Duncan Oldham and Koptalk – BOTH of whom are hated and NOT popular at all with our fans NOT poplular as you imply – The reasons it WILL happen? Are ALL Tom Hicks’ OWN fault – HE Sowed the wind – Now? He WILL reap the whirlwind and to be frank? He DESERVES it – Every BIT of what’s coming to him – He deserves it ALL – He WILL get it to…………………

    NB I don’t condone violence but I FULLY understand WHY Duncan said what he did – He’s only voicing thoughts I’ve heard discussed more than once on other forums already and that have surely crossed a few LFC fans minds – IF Corinthians DROVE Hicks out by force 8-10 years ago AND Man City fans drove out Peter Swales when HE was their hated chairman over a decade back using Similar Methods? What’s stopping LFC Fans doing the SAME to Hicks?

    The answer? Nothing ccan stop us IF we choose to do this – All the law in the world and all the morals and rules WON’T Stop us all And Hicks lost ANY claim to protection by such morals and laws when HE ignored them the day he took over LFC and chose to use it as a Profit Vehicle – Someone WILL get to him – It’s only a matter of time now and there’s NOTHING you or I can do about it. May as well wait for it to happen now and condemn WHEN it happens mate as it WON’T be stopped now – Whatever Karma is due for Hicks? Is closing in on him now at a HUGE Rate of Knots………….

  5. Simon Worden says:

    Meant in the NB bit “I don’t condone violence NORMALLY But THIS time? I FULLY understand WHY Duncan Said what he did – ” Missed out the Normally and THIS time” bits though. Just thought I’d Clear that up.

  6. Tony says:


    Read this then make your mind up about Oldham. He & his site are not respected or well thought of by LFC fans at all.

  7. Simon Worden says:

    Also should have added:

    NNB: Duncan Oldham shouldn’t have BOTHERED mentioning Gillett – WHY? Well basically? George Gillett doesn’t NEED Attacking – He’s flat broke – Bankrupt – GONE in business terms – He’s stuff sulking in his Colorado ranch but is NO Threat to ANYONE anymore – He doesn’t even OWN his US Assets anymore – George Gillett to all intents and purposes? Has been eliminated from Liverpool FC and EVERY Business he was ever involved with – Now? We’re after Hicks Blood in business terms and we WILL get it – One down – One to go.

    And to think, at the start? They said we’d get NOWHERE? Well? They were WRONG – Foster Gillette was the first to go, then Tom Hicks Jr opened HIS big gob and destroyed himself at Liverpool, NOW? Gillette’s effectively gone TO which leaves only ONE target for us now – Tom Hicks? Come on down, your time at Anfield is UP…………………

  8. yank liar... says:

    boo freakin hoo! kopites to be relegated in a season or two if this keeps up!! glory glory man united :D

  9. higi says:

    However I think D.O. is a liar and hate his website, I fully aggree with him now. Only thing what I don’t understand is why to wait till the end of the season. If I would met any of these 2 f…..s I would surely beat the s… out of them myself.

    I know it’s not an intelligent behaviour and I don’t like aggression but there are situations where nothing else helps. Has the behaviour of H or G changed since the protests? No. Than why do you think it will in the future if we don’t put them under phisical pressure?

    I hate these yanks who cause so many sad moments (years!!) to millions of people who support LFC. Do not let them to destroy our club! Act NOW! It does not matter how but stop them and get them out of our club!

  10. Redshadow says:

    Yank Liar – PRAT – I think YOUR scum excuse for a Club (NOT Football Club – Not since ’94 anyway) Will be relegated WAY before us – WHY? Well if a special case like YOU can escape Nurse long enough to actually READ – I’ll tell you just WHY shall I Prat?

    YOUR sad excuse for a club’s debt is FIVE Times that of Liverpool – Even United CANNOT withstand THAT indefinitely and it’s ALREADY causing GOOD players to be sold from your team and NOT replaced – That in turn is affecting performances and it’s only a matter of time before you start to fall as Liverpool (THE Most Successful of ALL English Sides EVER)have – As to us? We’ll be FINE – We’ve already helped drive Gillette into bankruptcy and effectively REMOVED him from OUR club and we WILL do the same to Hicks in a matter of weeks – Failing that? We’ll FORCE RBS to call in their loan to H & G – SELL us to a GOOD owner at a knockdown price and we’ll have NO debt whilst our then FORMER American Owners WILL end up bankrupt with NOTHING for DARING to take US on.

    I KNOW all this WILL happen to – Indeed it already is; Why? Well Fool Gillette is ALREADY bankrupt and Hicks is nearly so – RBS ARE Calling their loan in a matter of weeks and after THAT? It won’t so much be a case of “Liverpool Football Club is in the wrong hands” as “Liverpool Football Club WAS in the wrong hands but isn’t NOW”. Tell me then dickhead – WHEN is United’s owners going to have THEIR Leveraged Buyout of YOUR club dismantled in such a manner? Because they’re NOT are they? YOU are stuck with the Glazers – WE are almost RID of Hicks and Gillette and THAT is a HUGE difference – One that WILL be fatal to Man U’ in the end NOT Liverpool – Our owners are almost gone – YOURS? Haven’t moved an inch in five years and WON’T either. So never mind “relegated in a season or two if this keeps up!!” as far as we’re concerned as in Two seasons or so? It will be YOUR mob that sentence refers to while Liverpool?

    We’ll be LONG since safe from the Yanks and there’s NOTHING your club OR prats like you can do about it. Green & Gold might have got United ‘fans’ a lot of publicity but it’s done NOTHING to oust the Glazers HAS it? As ever When it comes to removing unwanted owners? it takes THE trailblazers of English Football from Anfield to show you how it’s done. Manchester United – FOREVER in Liverpool’s Shadow and that’s NOT going to change anytime soon…………………

  11. Jay says:

    Simon Worden, you my friend are a prick!

  12. Mr. Chopper says:

    Does anybody else think this Liverpool action is just copycatting United?

    MUFC: American owners paying debts off with “soccer” club
    LFC: American owners paying debts off with “soccer” club

    MUFC: Green and Gold clothing
    LFC: “Standards Corrupted” shirts

    LFC: Liverpool AFC

    MUFC: Protests/riots outside OT before game
    LFC: Protests/sit-ins inside Anfield after game

    MUFC: Militant supporters bothering normal fans and ruining game
    LFC: Militant supporters bothering normal fans and ruining game

    The only difference I can see is that Hicks and Gillett are soon to be replaced by new owners, by a professional board specifically brought in to undertake the job. United aren’t quite as lucky. Yet will any right-minded businessmen want to take over a failing club with unhappy, yobby fans AND be expected to fork out hundreds of millions on a new stadium ? Not unless they can get it for cheap, which thanks to SOS is invariably going to happen.

    Concentrate on supporting the team, boys. Let the professionals deal with the business side.

  13. Ollie Irish says:

    Worden, grow up mate

  14. Redshadow says:

    Ollie Irish and Jay? I’m NOT condoning what he said although I thought of doing so whilst writing that first post but I DO Understand why this stance was taken by that idiot Oldham – I KNOW the combination of a Professional Board and the constriction of the Financial Markets CRUSHING their hopes of maintaining their leveraged hold at Anfield WILL prove fatal for the owners but I stand by what else I said – A LOT of people ARE boiling over by now and a few have ALREADY tried to confront the owners on more than one occasion – At some point in the near future? One or more WILL get through and what happens THEN? Is anybody’s guess – They DO deserve an awful punishment for what they’ve done though.

    Mr Chopper the MAIN difference between Liverpool and United is that WE are undertaking effective action to REMOVE our owners rather than just grabbing soundbites with “green and gold” hairbrained schemes that the owners of the club will probably laugh at if not adopt themselves to make yet MORE money from their profit vehic……ahem Football Club – WE know what we’re doing mate – United’s fans should follow OUR lead for once – You never know they might get somewhere………….

    NB Jay I’d return the compliment of what you called me but unlike YOU have explained FULLY the reasons for my posting here – Have you done the same? Not as yet – Maybe that makes YOU the p***k here no? Unless you’ll prove ME wrong by explaining your baseless insults yes? Go on PROVE Me wrong if you dare……………..

    Ollie Irish – I AM grown; I’m 32 with a son of my own whose now 1 and a half and the sun which is the LIGHT of the centre of my life – I’m just VERY angry at the owners and was more explaining what I WISH would happen than what I think WILL happen earlier.

    What I think WILL happen? Is that the combination of incessant email bombardments and verbal/media assaults like that in the Wall Street Journal last week from Liverpool fans (and believe me people THAT one REALLY hurt Hicks) and the World’s Financial Downturn and recent Economic Disasters along with innate suspicion of him by Financial Institutions everywhere WILL in the end strangle Hicks (the ONLY active Owner left)and DESTROY his reign as RBS will IMO NOT wait any longer and they WILL end his reign in a matter of weeks – I just think it’s a shame he’s NOT being more heavily punished AND that it’s taken THIS long to effect.

    All That I’ve just written? Well, THAT is what I think WILL happen – What I wrote earlier? Is what I WISH would happen but which most probably? Won’t. Either Way, Hicks will be gone soon enough and then and only THEN, can we begin with even a single step on the LONG road back to where we were even only TWO seasons ago – Never mind higher than that – UNTIL Hicks is gone though? Liverpool Football Club’s life is effectively on hold/life support and we wonder WHY we’re a mess ON the pitch at the moment? Look no further – The SOONER Hicks is eliminated from Anfield and Gillette WITH him OFFICIALLY? The better for ALL who love Liverpool Football Club………..

  15. Duncan Ferguson says:

    It takes more than armed assailents to stop me, COYB!

  16. Andy says:

    Oldham is a clueless buffoon with no credibility whatsoever.

    This is just his latest self-aggrandising rant designed to whip up controversy and in the process possibly prop up his ailing webiste which has seen it’s membership plummet over the last couple of years, mainly as a result of Liverpool fans exposing his numerous rip-off money-making schemes.

    In short, nothing to see here – please disperse.

  17. Jay says:

    i THINK you HAVE proved MY point FOR me, WITH another RANT!


  18. Blah says:

    I fink that (bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla …)
    And I am RIGHT ! OK ?!

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