In Pictures: Utrecht 0-0 Liverpool – Pulses Not Racing, Hodgson On Back Foot

Ollie Irish

1st, October 2010


By Ollie Irish

I suppose an away draw in Europe is not to be sniffed at, but this is Utrecht we’re talking about, not Inter Milan; Utrecht currently lie 12th in the Eredivisie.

It turns out Roy Hodgson’s Liverpool are even less fun to watch than Rafa’s Liverpool, which is some feat – well done Roy. I feel that unless things start to improve at Anfield, and fast, then Hodgson may be out by Christmas. At least Raul Meireles looks like a half-decent signing. A small silver lining to the Woy Wegime.

Photos: PA

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  1. Bill says:

    Why wait till Christmas? Get shut now, the guy is useless

  2. spectator says:

    it’s odd, with the additions of cole, mierless and jovanovic there has been a net improvement in the attacking potential of the squad yet they seem even more toothless than when rafa was there. weird. they should be playing much more aggressively, they don’t really have anything to lose at this point.

  3. YNWalkA says:

    I will continue to post these comments, until Woy Hodgson is REMOVED…..Woy Hodgson is bloody clueless…I want to know WHY? and whose decision it was? to appoint him…probably by the know f..kall about football of the three commedians, that is made up of, Purdy, Broughton and Atwell……These wa**kers also need to go, along with the other two cowboys……..Anything less than that and we are doomed……they are destroying OUR club people!!!

  4. James says:

    Benitez was the best thing to happen to Liverpool in 20 years. Its a shame idiotic Anglo-Saxons can’t see it because they’re too caught up in the ‘passion’ nonsense and don’t understand what a bloody tactical genius Benitez was. There’s a reason the reigning European champions went for him.

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