Singapore Billionaire Lim Ups Bid To Buy Liverpool

Chris Wright

12th, October 2010


By Chris Wright

Singapore-based billionaire Peter Lim has today improved his offer to buy Liverpool Football Club, after initially matching the £300 bid made by New England Sports Ventures last week – a bid that was accepted by chairman Martin Broughton.

Lim has now upped his offer to £320 million, with a further £40 million put aside for frittering away on the Christian Poulsen‘s and Maxi Rodriguez‘ of this world.

The investment tycoon released the following statement to detail his intentions;

“I believe that if its massive debt burden can be removed, the club would be able to focus on improving its performance on the pitch. My offer pays off the existing owners’ bank acquisition debt and also frees the club of its own bank debt.

If the board accepts this offer, the monies are available immediately thereby removing the threat of administration. I respect and admire Liverpool Football Club, which is steeped in tradition and history.

The club needs to strengthen its existing squad. As part of this offer, I will be injecting £40million in cash into the club for Roy Hodgson to bring in new players during the upcoming transfer window. Liverpool needs to start winning again.

I am committed to rebuild the club so that it can soon regain its position at the pinnacle of English and European football, where it truly belongs. This is why I have stepped forward with this offer.”

Broughton and the rest of the Liverpool board are currently stating their cases in the High Court today, hoping to prove that Tom Hicks and George Gillett breached contracts in order to try and retain control of the club last week.

Should the court find in the board’s favour, Hicks and Gillet will be left without a proverbial leg to stand on in their continuing attempts to block the sale of club – although the ruling will kind of vindicate the American pair’s stance that there are bidders out there willing to pay more than £300 million for the club.

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  1. tommy says:

    Peter Lim will not be able to buy the club because Martin Broughton. has signed a legal binding contract to sell the club to New England Sports Ventures.

  2. gaptooth says:

    tommy is right

    unless – RBS lose the case and H&G prove that they were within their rights to sack the board
    if this happens then Pursow and ayre’s vote for NESV would be insignificant.

    to be honest – i cant see H&G winning this case
    so this bid is too little too late

    its a shame cos he would have given us 40m up front for jan ,
    but it also could be a blessing in disguise as he is a Man U follower

  3. Gaga says:

    It was all secret the bid up until the announcement that NESV was going to buy. Its just a clever ploy by Peter and the current owners to derail the process. One, Peter lim is a man u fan with the number of Man U bars he has in his respected country, 2 H&G want this guy to come in purely for money reasons, an extra 20 odd million? No mention of stadium plans or transfer in the following seasons, although in all fairness nor have NESV with regards to player buys. Peter still needs to find another 400-500 million for a nice big stadium and that would pretty much swallow all his worth :) as for the sales process, as tommy says, the deal already been signed pending the legal out come in the courts.

  4. Ben Ng says:

    Billionaire or not, there’s NO WAY a Manc supporter takes over the club. Lim should buy out the club he REALLY supports. How can a man who owns a couple of MU franchise in Singapore even consider buying Liverpool? Something smells fishy here.

  5. SWalkerTTU says:

    Really, Liverpool are better off with NESV. NESV took a baseball also-ran (despite it being one of the oldest, most storied clubs in baseball) and brought it back to prominence, collecting their first World Series in 86 years in 2004, and a second three years later, while competing in a division with the New York Yankees. There are certainly differences between the cultures of English football and American baseball, but there are certain things that are common to operations of sports teams everywhere. I would certainly feel more confident with NESV versus Hicks, who just lost his baseball team (Texas Rangers) to bankruptcy this year. They now have new ownership and things look to be on the up.

  6. Derrick says:

    nah. he ain’t a man utd fan. he’s a self-proclaimed football fan.

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