Liverpool striker Dirk Kuyt desperately tries to flog his official merchandise

Ollie Irish

25th, September 2006


Kuyt_3Here at Pies we are big fans of player websites. Imagine if Ashley Cole had been able to let off some steam on a website and tell fans what he was thinking instead of bottling it all up to put in his book! Anyway, that’s all in the past now. In the present is

In all honesty Dirk Kuyt‘s website is not the greatest site in the world. In fact it is pretty poor, but it is my duty to name and shame the Dutch striker. In the Dirk’s favourites section of the site Kuyt reveals his favourite clothing is… Dirk Kuyt merchandise. This might seem like shameless self-promotion and a blatant lie and, well, that is because it is! Click here to see the full range.

[Rob Parker]

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  1. Baneesh says:

    I ma extremely disappointed on reading this article, as the site which you are “shaming” has been set up for a brilliant cause which is talked about in the article below
    Twelve months ago, Kuyt set up the Dirk Kuyt Foundation, a charitable organisation which aims to improve the lives of some of the third world’s poorest people in places like Nepal and Ghana, as well as in Holland’s inner cities.
    Since then, with the support of Gertrude, Kuyt’s friend Gert Aandewiel and agent Rob Jansen, the foundation has gone from strength to strength and has been singled out for praise by UNICEF and politicians in his native Holland.
    The player himself, though, is modest about his achievements. “It is good to try to help,” he says.

    He says: “I have a contract with Adidas and whenever I do commercials with them I give the money to the foundation.
    “I also have a Dirk Kuyt clothing line on the Internet where people can buy t-shirts, caps and socks and all the money from this is also given to the foundation.”
    You should be ashamed as he is a better person than you could ever be.

  2. William says:

    Totally agree with the above comment, why print an article about something which you obviously have no knowledge about. Kuyt is an example every celeb and rich person should take note of. Great work by a young player only for a uneducated moron to slander

  3. Rob Barron says:

    I wish to add my voice to those above who have rightly condemned this site for ignorantly seeking to shame a player who not only has done nothing to deserve it but quite to the contrary has done more than most to deserve accolades rather than brickbats.
    Dirk Kuyt is a player who gets paid good money to play football and as far as he is concerned that is more than enough. The money he makes from endorsements all goes to the foundation in his name which supports people much less fortunate than you or I.
    Why is it ‘shameless self-promotion’ when he actually never promotes himself at all! He sells clothes with his name on them because that attracts more sales and all the profits go to the foundation.
    Do you condemn the hundreds of rich sports stars out there who earn millions but want millions more from endorsements to feather their ever-increasing nest-egg? Why slander the name of a guy who is taking his responsibility seriously to doing what he can to help others less fortunate than himself?
    Come to that Roy Parker, you have tons of ads on this site so are clearly making a fair bit of dosh (hosting a site like this costs very little!) so how about coming clean and telling us all how much of your profits you have donated to charity?
    The Roy Parker Foundation…. For internet idiots who don’t have the brains to focus their attentions accurately and properly. Don’t spam me, I won’t be signing up!