Caption This: What Is John W Henry Saying To WAG Linda Pizzutti?

Ollie Irish

8th, November 2010


By WAG Watcher

What is rich old lesbian Margaret W Henry (nice ring, Margaret) saying to glovely partner Linda? In the words of the great Delia Smith, let us be having you…

Me, I imagine he is pointing out that Carlo Ancelotti’s left eyebrow is self-aware.

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  1. Rich says:

    Henry: no honey, I bought the team in red
    Pizzutti: o…shit!

  2. Jay says:

    Shall we do it over there tonight!

  3. qwerty says:

    Haha look at those 22 players chasing after one ball. What a stupid game soccer is. Nothing compared to real football back in American eh Magaret?
    *busy eyeing fernando torres*

  4. Rob says:

    Margaret: “We should of bought that one over there”
    Linda: “ahhh forget about it”

  5. Mr. X says:

    And over there is where we are going to put up a large sign that says “Mission Accomplished”. Wait, what do you mean we didn’t just win the League by beating Chelsea? I thought when our fans went all bat sh** crazy today that we won the Cup or something.

  6. gaptooth says:


  7. Matt says:

    “I could buy him, just like I bought you…”

  8. Lukas says:

    “Let me point over here while someone takes a picture of me and then posts it online so people can caption what I’m saying”

  9. V says:

    “-The one who scored the three points in thursday, he isn’t playing today is he, dear?

    -Oh Linda, dear, what are you saying, haha, he’s right over there, look!

    -Oh… Why, yes he is…”

  10. Chelski says:

    “Look at Drogba’s hair, its unfortunate and he has no real friends.”

    “Somebody should really tell him its a fucking disgrace.”

  11. SeanBCFC says:

    henry: look at joe cole sitting in the stands already injured. why bring expensive people into the club if they’re not gonna do anything??

    pizzuti: err…i think theyre on to us

  12. Thomas says:

    Henry: No, No. He’s the one that shags his teammate’s women. The other just got caught taking pictures with his cellphone.

  13. Raybuck Luck says:

    “See that babe? That Nando fella just put an extra 10 million in our pockets when we have to sell him in January.”

  14. Steppenwolf says:

    thats zinedine zidane over there playing in goal for us

    but i thought he retired after the 2006 world cup in which he was sent off during the final for headbutting marco materazzi?

  15. Caleb says:

    Just for clarifications sake, I’m pretty sure that ring is one of the two World Series rings he has from the Red Sox.

  16. KRO says:

    Three men, a Scouser, a Manc and a Rasta all in the maternity ward waiting for their partners to give birth. The midwife comes out and tells them congratulations, they’re all fathers of beautiful healthy boys, however unfortunately they’ve run out of the name tags, and the babies have been mixed up, so if they could each go in and identify their sons from any family resemblance etc. The Manc wants to go first, so in he goes and comes out with a black baby The Rasta looks a bit confused, “excuse me”, he said, “but don’t you think he’s likely to be mine ?” “Probably”, said the Manc, “but one of them in there’s a scouser, and I’m takin’ no chances !!!!!”

  17. Gilly says:

    What is this game. I thought they said it was football club, no matter how scummy the team is. But i mean, the ball is round and only two people can pick it up and the rest just kick it around.

  18. Brandon says:

    You see that space ship over there? Yeah it’s mine!

  19. Tinez says:

    KRO – that’s a michael mcintyre rip

    ‘That, darling, was Didier Drogba stopping Carra from scoring his second goal of the season’

  20. Tinez says:

    ‘Can you see the 4 blokes standing in the kop with the tyres from my Benz?’

  21. Tinez says:

    ‘Can you see it, off in the distance, Linda? That’s Owen Hargeave’s career.’

  22. Anonymous says:

    Raybuck Luck got my vocte

  23. steve says:

    “I think you have a bogey hanging out your nose. Just tilt up your head while the camera’s on you and we can check on the big screen TV over there”.

  24. jamjam says:

    henry : you see that commi over there (abramovich ) his about 60 times richer then i am .. but my penis extention just beat his !!
    Linda : ermm ,, 60 times richer huh , intresting …

  25. Zdrecko says:

    Linda : “Honey, I’d like to dispose of this booger I picked with my glove.”
    John : “See that door ? Use it.”

  26. jamjam says:

    Henry :see that honey fernando just banged in anoher Goal..
    Linda: ermm torres banged in the goals.. gerrard bang in goals ,, torres and gerrard bang in goals ,, bang ,, bang,, bang the goals ,,bang me in the goals ,, gerrard and torres banging me all over the goals,,
    HENRY: ermm honey…. ?

  27. coco the clown says:

    henry.earrr gerrard smell me finger.
    milf.ya dirty bastard
    henry.crab paste

  28. Harvz says:

    Look, they’re selling juicy mangoes over there! Only £5 each!

  29. yeeeeeeeah says:

    Henry: look at that guy, he looks just like me
    Linda: ermm, that’s my dad

  30. no one says:

    id give her one

  31. mark says:

    What’dya think? Two story McDonald’s where the opposing supporters are now?

  32. Steve says:

    ‘The Ladies toilets? eh, they are over there at the back of the Kop’

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