Glen Johnson Needs To Up His Game – Roy Hodgson

Ollie Irish

13th, November 2010


By Ollie Irish

Liverpool gaffer Roy Hodgson has spoken out at his disappointment with Glen Johnson‘s below-par displays for LFC this season. Tough love from Uncle Woy, or a cunning plan to ensure Johnson’s departure?

The England right-back has played just one of the Liverpool’s last seven matches due to injury, and he has failed to impress his club manager when he has been on the pitch.

Hodgson said: “He’s the England right-back and, if he plays like that, one would expect him to come back in when he’s fit.

“But then he’d have to play like the England right-back and up to now, to be quite frank, he’s not performed – very often at least – to the level I’d expect of him.

“You would have to ask him ‘Do you think you’re playing at top form and are you playing like the best right-back in the country for your club?’

“If he says ‘Yes’, obviously we will have to agree to differ and if he says ‘No’, then you’d have to ask the question ‘Why not?'”

It’s not like the diplomatic Hodgson to be so outspoken about one of his own players, and it makes you wonder if the pair have fallen out, or if Hodgson just doesn’t fancy Johnson and is trying to initiate a sale in January. I have heard whispers that Johnson has failed to settle in the north-west and would prefer a move back to a London club; I wouldn’t be surprised to see Spurs put in a cheeky bid in the next window, as right-back is a position where they need to strengthen.

It’s a fair shout by Roy that Johnson has been off colour this season, but in his defence the players hasn’t been 100% fit, so any criticism should take that into account.

Liverpool fans, would you be happy to get rid of Johnson for around £10m, say? (Bearing in mind he cost around £17m.)

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  1. Mr. Angry says:

    johnson has not been fully fit this season…. dont judge him just yet! give the lad a bit of time! maybe if you played him at RM you’ll get the best out of him

  2. Gavin says:

    Roy, your managerial skills leaves a lot to be desired. I would like to thank you for knocking the confidence out of our right back, and for bringing in the likes of Konchelski and loaning out Aqualani. GJ shouls be a Right winger instead of a defender. You win a few games and think all is ok. I think most fans have given you the time however, in my opinion, your lack of support for Torres in the face of AF’s cheating comments and now opening your beck in public about Johnson is unbecoming of a manager that Liverpool expects. You need to change your approach, you dont work for yourself, you work for Liverpool FC and the fans.

  3. redjonjo says:

    I watched the Stoke v Liverpool game, it was a shambles Roy stood on the line waving hid arms about for what, a new keep fit video today the liverpool team were worse than a local sunday morning team Roy if you cant see the mess you are making at this club , then i think you should go, you had not got clue about the players you live in a dream world wake up and get the next bus south and take sammy with you, along with any player who is not up to standard, we liverpool fan have had enough, we are a liverpool

  4. Mark says:

    I don’t know what the solution is here. The results/performances are very up and down. I went to Stoke yesterday and torres was not interested. You wouldn’t want him in the trenches! When he has one on him like that there’s no point him being on the pitch.Sack Roy and bring who in? Do people not remember how kenny lost it in his last season- David Speedie is one example…. Shouting kennys name solves nothing. Let’s remember the class as fans that we have, and back the team regardless. This mess started months ago caused by benitez and dumb and dumber. Roy inherited it. Yes poulsen and konchesky look poor, but how much dross did benitez sign? I’m not sure Roy is the answer long term, but more changes and instability certainly isn’t. We are Liverpool. Let’s not forget that.

  5. Mr. Angry says:

    first he drained babel’s confidence and now johnson

  6. Linda Pizzuti says:

    Classic difference in Roys tactics from rafa’s. Whereas rafa had two deep lying midfielders allowing the fullbacks the opportunity to get forward , roy likes his banks of four. hence insua (one of the most successful cross % of last season) shipped out and looks like GJ is on his way too.
    Classic deep defensive line of a long ball team – rudimentary tactic’s for the classic underdog team

  7. dribblybob says:

    he will be useful in either a wide or deep midfield role, but he needs to grow into it a bit. wont do that without the games. hes only young n whenever he’s on he’s up for it, much more so than many.
    i guess ten mil is better than watching the guy drown on the bench, get him somewhere he can get games for englands sake!!

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