Alberto Aquilani Shuns Gerrard And Torres, Wants Glen Johnson To Join Juventus

Chris Wright

17th, November 2010


By Chris Wright

Personally, I’ve never been much of a fan of Glen Johnson. I just have the creeping suspicion that he has merely ‘lucked out’ throughout his entire career.

For example, he is currently England’s first-choice right back. Why? Not through any particularly outstanding talent, but through a sheer lack of competition.

I can’t think of a single English right-back that could feasibly challenge him for his spot at the moment or at any time in the near future, save perhaps Micah Richards, Sunderland’s Nedum Onuoha, Newcastle’s Danny Simpson and possibly, at a frankly ridiculous push, Everton’s Tony Hibbert (who everyone seems to think is Scottish anyway).

That’s it. They are the only other possible contenders that I can pull from my memory tank, and you’d struggle to brand any of them as being of genuine ‘international standard’.

There must be others out there. Someone half-decent must play there for the U21s! My brain tickles…

Anywhom, enough of this jibberish. Wayward Liverpool midfielder and former Victorian prostitute Alberto Aquilani (who is currently on a seaon-long loan with Juventus) has revealed to the Gazzetta dello Sport that Johnson, not Steven Gerrard or Fernando Torres, is the single Reds player that he would like to cherrypick from Anfield and have playing alongside him at the Bianconeri:

“What former Liverpool team-mate would I bring to Juventus? I wouldn’t want to offend some of my friends, but from Liverpool I would take Glen Johnson.”

Unfathomable, just completely unfathomable.

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  1. Karl Moon says:

    I totally agree regarding him lucking out. His positioning is woeful, he can’t tackle, can’t read the game, this is why Chelsea got rid of him.

    Personally I’d go for Phil Neville at the moment, a much, much better defender and leader than Johnson.

  2. Ollie Irish says:

    Johnson is clearly talented but I suspect he’s thick as shit, and this is reflected in his play, which is often dumb beyond words.

  3. CFC_Jay says:

    I’ve never rated Glen Johnson!

    Dont forget young Seamus Coleman………….on current form he could easily be challenging for Englands Right-Back spot…..

  4. EFC Chris says:

    Yes, Seamus Coleman is excellent, only problem is he is Irish mate. Phil Neville is definately better than Johnson, so is Hibbert actually. Great defenders, nothing much to offer going forward though. However Glen Johnson can’t defend well, and isn’t much good going forward either, so both would beat him to the spot for me. But I think Micah Richards is the man, he needs a more “cosy” club than Man City to realise his full potential, I believe, he can be at times a little shaky in defence, but his forward movement is excellent. I’d put him in the squad at least.

  5. syndex says:

    sorry lads Seamus is being capped by the republic tonight so he is out of the race (and hibbo or neville I am an ardent toffee and I can’t see it)

  6. Anonymous says:

    Martin Kelly is better than Johnson and he cost fuck all.

  7. The better question is who would you pick??? Gerrard or Torres?

  8. Anonymous says:

    KELLY is ten times d man. good at defending and can do some wing play too

  9. MayoLFC says:

    I’ve never figured out why Johnson hasn’t been converted to a winger yet

  10. Dr Daze says:

    England are shite and this is another mediocre player blown up by english media. Micah Richards is poxy too, he has been found out before and will be again. He should’ve played rugby with his stature, no brain.


    Seamus Coleman is a great right back, great brain and vision and speed but young and not proven.

    Martin Kelly might be the man, looks good but inexperienced. Reckon he could hold the position down for a few years to come

  11. Zaaker says:

    Totally agree with you, Rather play Kelly Right back for Liverpool & England. Turn Johnson into a right midfield, coz the only think he can do is attack

  12. Mr. Angry says:

    totally agree with zaaker

  13. dc says:

    I agree with everyone who thinks that Seamus Coleman should stop playing for the R of Ireland and become English. Now that’s smart thinking.

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