Dumb football: Steven Gerrard builds £350k monster gym in his back garden

Ollie Irish

13th, August 2008

Stevie G’s new gym is so big it has a different postcode to his house
Gerrard’s neighbours are not happy that the Liverpool skipper is building a f**k-off great gym in his f**k-off back garden. Some neighbours claim the flat-roofed structure is out of keeping with local housing. But despite these objections, Stevie G was given planning permission by the local council.
Neighbour Cecil Crossley (hmm, could he be a pensioner?) moaned: “It’s like building an Asda supermarket in the middle of a beauty spot.”
I don’t see what the fuss is. If Gerrard wants to build a gym – with solarium for WAG Alex, natch – on the grounds of his gaff, that’s his call. What else is he supposed to do with £100,000 a week?
More pics of the gym-in-progress after the jump…

Looks fine to me. A bit characterless but hardly an eyesore.

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