Jamie Carragher To Be Groomed As Future England Manager

Chris Wright

22nd, December 2010


By Chris Wright

The FA have concocted a scheme wherein they plan to approach several ‘senior pros’ with an offer of being fast-tracked through the international coaching structure, with the express intent of saddling them with enough experience to hopefully take on the full England mantle as and when the time comes.

Several media sources are claiming that Liverpool veteran Jamie Carragher is amongst the leading guinea pigs candidates to be first sworn into the scheme after reportedly impressing the FA with the way he’s gone about attaining his coaching badges over the last couple of years.

Can’t wait for the team-talks…

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  1. Donner Meat says:

    Original and entertaining jibes about the accent aside, I think he would make a great future manager. He always comes across as knowing his football in interviews and seems like an intelligent fella (for a footballer at least). I think it was Danny Murphy, who in an interview a few years ago tipped him to a fuutre manager.

  2. Chris says:

    @Donner Meat: I can’t resist a dig! I happen to agree with you on the Carra front though.

    He’s what you might call a ‘football man’, though surely shunting him straight into international management without letting him garner any domestic experience smacks of desperation on the FA’s part?

  3. Donner Meat says:

    Oh yeah, I agree. Give him a decade at least of experience first. On my Football Manager he is currently mid table managing Wolves if that counts for anything.

  4. Chris says:

    FM > Real world.

  5. Mr. Volatile says:

    fuck england manage liverpool carra we need you!

  6. Rimmer says:

    This is the problem with football management.
    95% of Footballers are clinically retarded, so I’m not sure why people keep allowing them to manage multi-billion pound teams, then get so ‘surprised’ when they fail miserably.
    Carragher frequently surprises me by stringing sentences together, I’d assumed Liverpool had just shaved a Chimpanzee and taught it to hoof a football. Will he have to pass his 11+ before he takes his coaching badges?

  7. ilps says:

    FM >>> Real World

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