Hillsborough Memorial in Liverpool vandalised

Ollie Irish

7th, June 2009


3438714839_86490c75d8.jpgMerseyside Police were called to the Hillsborough memorial garden in Port Sunlight, Liverpool, early this morning to investigate reports of vandalism. They arrived to find paving slabs lifted up and stone balustrades knocked down and smashed.
I doubt the “youths” (it’s always youths, isn’t it) who committed this unbelivably crass act will ever be caught, but I hope they suffer from guilt-induced nightmares for some time to come. Some people… [Ollie tuts, like the old man he is].

Posted in Liverpool

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  1. Scott says:

    it was probably Steven Cohen

  2. gfergo says:

    port sunlight is NOT liverpool its miles away mate

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