Quote of the day: Steven Gerrard has an Alsatian’s arse

Ollie Irish

11th, June 2009


“Have you seen my arse? It’s like an Alsatian’s.”
Stevie G has been at the truth serum again. (Yes, I did Photoshop this. Sorry.)

Posted in Liverpool

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  1. uhoh says:

    Quote of the day?
    Last week called….

  2. gfergo says:

    he is from two dogs, isnt he

  3. humayun says:

    well its a disgrace to talk like that about the best player of this generation.all u guys who think some other is better then gerrard then tell me whic one has won more matches under pressure which one would u pic one on one against gerrard and think he will come out on top no body because gerrard has best engine in the world along with kuyt and best shot on him has been good tacticaly can play in 11 position on the pitch and be match winner.the guy won champions league playing mostly at right back after injury.guy won fa cup final paying right wing.guy won uefa cup final playing attching midfilder.won carling cup playin moderate midfilder what more u want .he is best in the world okkkk

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