The Best Player in the World World Cup: Group F (Lampard, Ribery, Arshavin, Mascherano)

Ollie Irish

22nd, June 2009


After a wee break, the Best Player in the World World Cup is back. We kick off again with the opening ties in Group F. First up, an all-Prem, all-midfield tie: Chelsea’s Frank Lampard takes on Liverpool’s Javier Mascherano. A tough one for Lampsy, this…

In the second tie, Franck Ribery plays Andrey Arshavin. Oooh-ehh, this is a tough group:

Previous ties (you can still vote on these):
C-Ron v Nando Torres
Dani Alves v Luka Modric
Kaka v Diego
David Villa v Gigi Buffon
Steven Gerrard v John Terry
Karim Benzema v Sergio Aguero
Lionel Messi v Robinho & Xavi v Daniele De Rossi
Essien v Eto’o & Casillas v Iniesta

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  1. David says:

    The hundreds of fools who voted for Mascherano over Lampard must have no clue about football. Sure, he may be a better tackler and defensive juggernaut, but does he control the game and play the ball as incredibly as Lamps does? A retarded monkey could see clearly the answer to that question. Leave your anti-Chelsea biases behind in objective valuation of a player’s abilities.

  2. matt says:

    mascherano better than Lampard? hmm think this site might be crawling with scousers

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