Liverpool fans, who’s the last player at your club you’d sell?

Ollie Irish

24th, June 2009


Since the season ended and the transfer silly season began, Pies has been asking club fans to vote for the last player at the club they would want to get rid of.
Today it’s the turn of Rafa Benitez’s Liverpool. If you had to sell all but one of the Fat Waiter’s players (to build an entirely new squad, say), who’d be your last man standing, and why? There are plenty of options to consider (Stevie G and Nando spring immediately to mind), but there can be only one.
Leave a comment with your answer, or vote after the jump (or do both!)…

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  1. tony says:

    This media beat up is a campain to stir shit with liverpool players and its fans.
    bullshit rumours that players want to leave and polls wich players wanted and not wanted.
    truth to be told some people are so scared that if rafa adds new talent to the team that were a massive chance at the prem leauge.
    we love mascherano and alonso thay are not going nowere and this is out time and nothing you do will divide this team.

  2. cabbage says:

    torres to united woop woop

  3. Laligapool says:

    While Stevie is the heartbeat of the club, his age means that if he were to go (for £80m) it wouldn’t actually be bad business for us. When he hangs up his boots (hopefully in a bout six years) he will be irreplaceable. If could bring in a couple of £30m players with the cash from him it might be better for us in the long term.
    Nando on the other hand could be immense for a decade.

  4. Ollie says:

    @ Laligapool: Couldn’t agree more. I voted for Nando.

  5. Kasia says:

    I picked Dossena for shit and giggles. Guess I was not the only one.

  6. jeneria says:

    This is hard. Stevie is the obvious choice, but the team did alright without him whereas the games where Alonso didn’t play, Liverpool looked mediocre to poor. Nando is another obvious choice, but how do you overlook Kuyt? Sure, he’s ham-footed but that work ethic is amazing. I also have a soft spot of Carra, despite his less-than-stellar season but age is getting to be a factor there, too. What about Reina? I’m going to go with Stevie just because it’s kind of pathetic that Liverpool only have two British-born players in their starting 11.
    How about the player I would sell without thinking twice? Let’s get rid of Lucas. He’s an archetypal black hole at best and reeks of ineptitude at worst.

  7. jin says:

    Torres is young, so I’ll choose to sell Steve.

  8. Marco says:

    Come on Alvaro Arbeloa is class

  9. Andrew says:

    Seriously, 3% have voted for Dossena? This poll is a sham.

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