Rafa Benitez exposes FA double standards

Ollie Irish

14th, October 2009


Rafa Benitez was warned after taking his spectacles out of his jacket pocket to suggest referee Phil Dowd needed them, after the official turned down a penalty for the Reds against Spurs in the opening game of the season (Liverpool lost 2-1).

Crafty Rafa got away without punishment for the gesture, simply because he argued that Crystal Palace boss Neil Warnock had done the same thing, during a game against Bristol City on the same weekend, and was not even charged. It’s not even the first time Warnock has made such a gesture.

The FA panel had little choice but to accept Rafa’s cast-iron defence. Case closed. Rafa 1-0 FA.

It’s clear that Rafa’s gesture was meant as little more than a sly visual gag, whereas Warnock got in the ref’s face:

Warnock glasses

Is it any wonder that Benitez feels like he’s victimised? Imagine the mock-horrified reaction to the Spaniard had he acted like Warnock.

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