Jose Mourinho has a dig at Arsene Wenger and Rafa Benitez

Ollie Irish

19th, October 2009



“What can I say? I am the best.”

I almost missed another classic magic Mourinho quote this weekend. It was spewed forth from the Inter boss’s mouth on Friday, I believe, when he was asked by an Italian journalist if he still feels pressure to succeed. Without missing a beat, Mourinho replied:

“[Arsene] Wenger has been Arsenal’s coach for 15 years but he hasn’t won even a Carling Cup for six years. [Rafa] Benitez hasn’t won a league title in six years but they continue to keep him as Liverpool’s coach.

“This is not the Italian mentality. To stay here I must continue winning and do well.”

Implying that Wenger and Benitez are both hopeless losers (he has a point, sort of) as a way of showing how awesome and handsome you are? Priceless.

The Premier League REALLY needs a charming villain like Mourinho back in the fold, just for inciteful barbs like this. Sure beats having to watch a Gary Megson post-match interview.

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  1. sol says:

    wot an absolute tosser. hes still bitter about having to leave chelsea to go to a league bereft of the footballing stars it once had in the glorious 90’s era.

    and yes, i am an arsenal fan, but i still thought the guy was a class act as a manager, as well as being a bit of a clown to laugh at every now and again. stick to commenting on ur own crappy league and their crappy managers. i know its hard to understand but the english league can take care of itself without u….

  2. Ashraff says:

    This idiot is trying to land himself as manager for either Liverpool or Arsenal. Even myself, if someone comes with load of money, I can buy the best players in the world and assemble them to win trophies. No one called him a special one. It’s him who declared that he is a special one. He is no where near to the greatness of Mr Arsen Wenger.

  3. king gooner says:

    what a complete & utter wanker “MAUREEN” is-with regards to wenger,it’s five years not six,he doesn’t give a monkeys about the caling cup,something he views as a youth opportunity scheme..but the chavs were desperate to win lol!nor has he spent shed loads of dosh to acheive a fraction of what “MAUREEN”is banging on about-honestly,the guy has an inferiority complex -it’s obvious!!

  4. Anthony Flew says:

    Mourinho failed to win the league at Chelsea for two years despite being the richest club in the world (oh, it was the referee’s fault for speaking to the opposing team at half time). Mr Ego has won the league in Italy but what sort of achievement is that? Competetion is pathetic there since the match fixing scandal. And if Mourinho had to build a £360 million stadium and balance the books he’d take Porto, Chelsea or Inter to mid table anonymity – and still be arrogantly spouting off about everybody else. He’s irrelevant.

  5. gazz ellidge says:

    hes boring……childish. when the money dried up at chelsea…he failed!

  6. grant says:

    Not so much charming as dumb. Wenger has been Arsenal manager for 13 years not 15 and won the FA Cup 4 years ago. Mourinho’s greatest talent is getting into and out of the job when he knows he isn’t guaranteed success. He’s not one to test himself with a real challenge.

  7. nzekwe Asugha, South Africa says:

    That is makes jose tick. You have to love to hate him, but give to him, he is very hot in such antics. We miss him though. It is a cgallenge to Wenger and Rafa to wake up and challenge for titles.

  8. COOKIE says:

    what a stupid man ,if he looks back at wengers years he won just as much as this idiot did in his first few years but he wasnt as cocky and as stupid as this man, mouron was lucky enough to get as much money as you can to buy so many players and pick a good team,stupid idiot hope you dont win this year and get the boot , i bet you wouldnt become manager of a team thats short of money in the premier league because you wouldnt win nothing ,but atleast you take the media of your crap results with your silly comments

  9. Ollie says:

    Gotta love Mourinho, surely.

  10. harold says:

    this guys is brilliant and he does it with style…bring him to Anfield and I’ll even watch the post match interviews…he’s the perfect Kop Boss!

  11. that was rather amusing says:

    i’m a reds fan and i’m sick of rafa, 5-4-1 against sunderland? that’s why we lost, not the beach ball. if you can’t score against sunderland you’re just not trying hard enough, or you’re playing 5-4-1. joke. unfortunately the boardroom is filled with morons so they haven’t fired him even though he’s clearly a bit rubbish.

  12. kaya says:

    What he meant to say was “que la siguen …” oh nevermind.

  13. tracey says:

    Poor old Weng has been thoroughly usurped by rookie Gueardiola, whose team players BETTER football, WINS stuff (the point of professional football I thought), and brings through local kids too, not nicks them from other clubs. Arsenal, the pound shop Barcelona.

  14. 123qrc says:

    What a great man

  15. ross says:

    COOKIE What are you talking about when did Arsene Wenger win the Champions League with 2 diffrent clubs? I must have missed that!

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