Darren Bent taunts Liverpool fans with Twitter update

Ollie Irish

19th, October 2009


Darren Bent Tweet

You see what Dazza Bent has done there – he’s made an ironic comment about going to the beach, in the light of his controversial winning goal against Liverpool. He lives in the north-east – he’s NOT going to the beach in October. That would be madness gone mad. Unless he’s one of those weirdos who likes to walk around Britain’s coast with a metal detector.

Even better, the Sunderland forward made the comment AFTER Tweeting about how Liverpool fans were wound up by the beach-ball-assisted goal. Way to rub it in, Benty.

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  1. samuel charles says:

    what the fcuk have sunderland ever won, what more are they going to win, naff all, darren bent what a big time prick he is, no england place and lets see torres score much more a than him at any level and in any season… sunderland,,, one win over liverpool and you think you are ac milan,

    what a joke club you are,, crappy club

  2. Anonymous says:

    twit on twitter – whats BENTY doing during the week – he can head to the beach or watch champs league i suppose

  3. Darius says:

    TOrres world best striker and bent is a Tottenham reject pppffffttt

  4. Anonymous says:

    Samuel Charles….Sunderland where the first team to win the top flight title 3 times and have won it 6 times in total…a long time ago maybe…but if you know your history….it starts way before the 1970’s!!

  5. Big gun says:

    Haha will you liverpool fans please stop being bitter!? Lol the beachball was thrown onto the field by one of you own for gods sake!

  6. sampson says:

    This is just brilliant. No one moans like a plastic scouser.

    Liverpool will finish outside of the Champions League places this season and the supporters will piss and moan about the beach ball for the next ten years.

    How the fuck Liverpool will survive with a huge loan and a greatly decreased income I can’t say, oh wait yes I can “Leeds United”, look and learn boys!!!

    As for Sunderland, yes they don’t have a Torres or a Gerard, but they do have a decent squad of players and that is not something that can be said for any squad containing Lucas!!!

  7. RednProud says:

    No complaints, fluke of a goal but a deserved win. It does highlight, once again, the poor standard of refereeing in the PL. Perhaps there is a need for the introduction of periodic refresher courses or tests for match officials.

  8. Weller says:

    Intelligent use of the English lanuage Darren – Did you go to school you complete idiot?!

    I can barely even make out what he is trying to say.

  9. lol @ liverpool says:

    Liverpool are a joke! Gerrard and Torres have carried you for so long, Gerrard single-handedly won you the Champion’s League. Without them you’re nothing.

    Steve Bruce > Benitez and he’s building up a brilliant exciting squad. Liverpool are goign to drop out of the big 4 this year and they bloody deserve it!

    (from an neutral)

  10. Mikey says:

    England Wannabee. England Neverbee – just like Mark Bright.

  11. Dopey1980 says:

    Am I losing it here … that third comment about Lpool fans being bitter was posted at 10.54 AM on 17th ?? The game hadn’t even kicked off … conspiracy ???

    Oh yeah, and Darren Bents a cock.

  12. Anon says:

    From a neutral Sunderland shouldn’t get to cocky and Liverpool are past it with stevie g approaching 30 and alonso off to real madrid nothing makes me happier than seeing a scouser pissed off plus your gonna get knocked out of the big 4 and either city villa or spurs will take it!

  13. adaveh says:

    if i was darren i would be embaressed by the shot that only went in because of a ‘ball’ as a prospective england forward he should have buried it anyway! and as for the the black cat supporters, behave yourselves, you’ve had a good two weeks but you’ve been shit for thirty seven years and you can’t live off bob stokoe forever

  14. adaveh says:

    also to lol@liverpool bet your a bitter blue who hasnt had anything to cheer about since 1995 unless you count last years fa cup final when it went peared shaped after 40 seconds, doughnut

  15. Pathetic says:

    You scousers are pathetic! Darren Bent is guilty of having a sence of humour & you lot take the frustrations of an equally pathetic performance from your pathetic second string… Pathetic!

    Mascerano on the bench? (he was in argentina, not the moon!)
    3 at the back???
    AWAY at a team that earned a draw at the mancs???

    besides your history & Torres stats you lot are, to put it nicely, pathetic!(maybe except RednProud but blaming refs for being footyraped is a bit of a punt)

    time to learn to laugh at yourselves! I know a Nena song that can cheer you up!!!??? :OD

  16. studig says:

    some embarrassingly bitter people here. bent maybe daft for doing his twitter thing, but heisnt exactly going round getting drunk and punching people is he. thats not just a reference to steven ‘mafia protected’ gerrard. it goes for all the other un-professional footballers who get involved in misdemeanours. theres plenty of them. bent is being fairly light hearted in this case. being more subjective, than having a go at liverpool.

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  18. Lfc4life says:

    Im not sure why us liverpool fans are bothered by what bent said, as he probably would have said it regardless of who the opposition was….
    Surely we aint that sensitive?
    Lets face it, those points mean more to sunderland then it does to us….
    I recall hull having a decent start last season and they scraped it on the final day….
    So becareful when making comparisons…
    Our relegation is finishing 5th and yours is playing leeds next season!
    And we all know there man of the match was the beach ball, with beckham a close second

  19. AJ says:

    Darren Bent the Spurs Flop the only way he can score is is with the slppers in Faces nightclub or in off a beachball he is a joke of a player and even less of a sportsman. An honest sportsman would not be claiming that goal and be ashamed of it.

  20. Rob says:

    As a liverpool fan, I’d probably still rather see that Beach ball in defence than Djimi Traore

  21. sid says:

    darren bent is f*****g looooser,for sure u beat us but what the f**k have the mackhams ever one in my lifetime!!
    bent is s**t. if he was a good player why did spurs pay all that monet and then sell him on the cheap.

    i call someone like that a big time charlie!!
    he is an average dumb f**k w*t who is just pathetic


  22. sid says:

    i would love to meet u bent t**t,
    sunderland is not far from home!!

  23. big 2litre says:

    What a bunch of bad LOSERS you were beat by the better team on the day get over it

  24. r balloon says:

    what will the scousers blame tonight

  25. G Tom says:

    Darren Bent, what a muppet, as for sunderland deserving a win??? yes they looked threatening on the break but they couldnt score apart from the goal that shouldnt have been, if that goal had been against sunderland then Bruce would have been fuming, Benitez seemed to accept it. Official OPTA stats say liverpool had 69% of posession, more shots and more corners than Sunderland, but they played “bad” They are on a bad run at the moment but at least try and play football rather than defend and hit other teams on the break, especially in a home game.

    Bent had 5 or 6 chances (beach ball apart) and converted none of em!!!! As an Everton fan it pains me to say it, but the season is not 9 matches long, and I still see liverpool being up there at the end of the season,

  26. Kemp says:

    Liverpool will bounce back….. now that people have written them off they’re gonna start climbing the table. Man Utd at Anfield on sunday is 3 points!

    Darren Bent is a good striker and funny aswell:)

    Go you reds

  27. sampson says:

    Dopey1980 can’t read and must be a f#chwit. How can the 3rd comment have been posted before the game you mong? (BTW it was posted on the 19th not the 17th).

    I think we have found a Liverpool fan of “average intelligence” here ;)

    I must say though you Liverpool fans are an amusing bunch, how will you all react when the club goes bust?

  28. karim says:

    Come on guys, as a liverpool fan, take it on the chin and move on.

    We reds love our history and now we are back in the history books as a goal was scored from a beach ball for the first time ever.

    Just put it down to bad refereeing. Thing that puzzles me is that Sunderland probably should have won by a bigger margin. We had 90 mins to get a goal back and couldnt muster a shot on target until the 85 min.

    Leave bent, Sunderland and any non liverpool fan alone, had it happen to them we would be the first to jump on their backs.

    Just dont rise to the bait.

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