Are Steven Gerrard’s Best Days Behind Him For Liverpool?

Alan Duffy

4th, September 2011


By Alan Duffy

With Liverpool off to a superb start in the Premier League, and King Kenny Dalglish threatening to bring the glory days back to Anfield, could things get any better for the Reds? Well yes they could actually!

Kop icon Steven Gerrard is almost ready to return to full training, with Liverpool’s league clash with Tottenham on September 18th firmly in his sights for a first team resurrection.

Gerrard has been out of action with a troublesome groin complaint for all of five months now, and while his return to fitness will provide Dalglish with even more options in midfield, do we dare ask the question – will Gerrard deserve to go straight back into the first 11?

With Charlie Adam and Lucas Leiva providing a balance in the centre of midfield, and Henderson and Downing injecting more creativity into the middle of the park, just where will the 31-year-old Stevie G fit in? One option would be to deploy him in an attacking role behind Uruguayan hitman Luis Suarez, while £35million pound man Andy Carroll watches from the bench (along with the hard-working Dirk Kuyt, amongst others). However, would adding Gerrard to the mix be a case of too many cooks?

Obviously every successful team needs strength in depth, but one wonders whether Gerrard’s days as the main man at Anfield are now behind him?

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  1. Aaron says:

    He’ll go straight back in of course, but it will probably blow up in Liverpool’s face. I think he’s got 2 years left in him but whatever way you look at it his best days are definitely behind him.

  2. C says:

    To be honest, the way liverpool played while he was out, he really wasn’t missed that much.

    So a fit Gerrard is the prime example of a luxury problem. A luxury problem I’d be glad to have.

  3. Jon says:

    I read the headline, and thought ‘yes’.

    No need for any of this ‘article’ or ‘paragraph’ nonsense.

  4. D says:

    @C correct, it’s great great problem to have. Liverpool have fairly got rid of the ‘2 man team’ tagline they had a few years back.

  5. john ll says:

    ofcourse he will go back into the side!people have short memories he has been the greatest cm in the country for years,and just because he has been out 5 months doesnt mean he is past it,i do recall rio ferdinand was out for ages with a drugs ban and still starts everyweek for the manks!!!

  6. Fred Tissue says:

    Why is everyone going on about Liverpool’s ‘superb’ start, and tipping them for the title? A home draw against Sunderland, a 3-1 home win over Bolton, and a win at Arsenal ( considering a week later they lost 8-2 at Old Trafford) is hardly a record to get all giddy about. After all, Wolves and Newcastle have the same number of points but noone is tipping them for the title, are they?

    So, yes, Gerrard will be back in the team as soon as he is fit.

  7. wigggs says:

    Liverpool FC are hot as hell…

  8. Frank says:

    I don’t know what this author is dwelling about in this article… Gerrard is the team captain and he’ll be back into the starting 11 as soon as he’s fit. He offers much more quality than all of Liverpool’s players. Lucas is good defending but looses his qualities in attack, Henderson doesn’t have the experience necessary, Adam maybe is the kind of player that could be compared in Gerrard but he rarely gets himself available while Liverpool attack and is shaky at the back. Adam’s set pieces are excellent but doubt that he’ll take over from Gerrard in that category.
    Gerrard is a world class player. People forget times when Gerrard all on his own rescued Liverpool’s ass. He didn’t have the best season last year but he’ll be back. All those critics will shut up at the exact moment when he’ll blast the ball into the top corner from 30 yards out.

  9. john says:

    his best days are jet to come.

  10. dc says:

    does the pope wear a funny hat…and protect child molesters?

  11. Gary Neville says:

    Seeing as he lacks the natural ability of a player like Scholes his game will drastically worsen.

    He was a great player but also a very selfish egotistical player who never did much for the team consistently in the league.

    They are still a 2 man team however, but the 2 players they rely on now are Reina and Suarez.

  12. Anabelle says:

    No, of course not.

  13. deckard says:

    stevie g, the raul of liverpool. enough said.

  14. Andy Carroll's Ponytail says:

    I would venture that his performances over the past few months before he got injured weren’t his greatest, but then as someone so connected and emotionally attached to the club, it must have hurt him more than most (except maybe Carra) the amount of shit those damn yanks put Pool thru towards the end so I’ll probably give him the benefit of the doubt.

    Under KK, he hasn’t had much of a run in the side so we’ll see how the new feel-good factor affects his performances when he gets back. And yes, he’ll come straight back into the side at Henderson’s expense.


  15. syndex says:

    rekindling strike partnership with the other kop legend robbie keane at the peak of fallballing excellence the american league.

  16. Bob says:

    I suppose King Kenny could just use him as a Super Sub.

  17. Redskywalker says:

    My Vietnamese friend, Looking over my shoulder, has just informed me that ‘Livepool’ is spelled wrong. He started learning English a month ago.

    This is not a dig at Pies by the way…

  18. Rob says:

    Still the best player at the club. We hear the same argument every year but never when he’s out of the side and the team loses.

  19. cooper17 says:

    He will never, ever be the same player again. Cash in while you can Kenny and buy back Alonso. Stevie will never put in the heavy workload he used to.

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